All That God Has Done

Jesus suffered more than anyone in this world. He was lonely, persecuted and He didn’t have a home. He was homeless for most of His ministry. He was hated by His people and knew that He had to die for our sins.

There are times in the Bible where you see how lonely He must have been, especially right before He died. When you think about it you can’t help but be moved.

Why did He do that? For us?

Yes, for us.

John 3: 16 is the most universally known Bible verse and it perfectly highlights God’s motivations and Jesus’ motivations. They did it out of love. They loved us that much that sending His son to die for us/dying for us was an option they carried out.

To be loved that much is humbling.

Also to know that Jesus felt what it was like to be lonely and to be hated gives hope to others. It shows us that he knows what we feel. He knows what it’s like to feel that emptiness. When you think He doesn’t understand remember that He went through it too. In fact remember how He died for us in one of the most awful ways whilst being completely alone.

There’s good news though, He rose up from the dead so that we could have eternal life. He defeated the Devil and He provided hope for us all. Thank you God.

If you ever feel lonely or unloved just know that Jesus is always there. He knows what it feels like and He’ll never leave you alone.

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