Natural Winter Blues

I’ve given up the cut life and I’ve decided to let my hair grow. Before my big chop my hair reached my chin, or the middle of the my neck. It was a bob basically. Since I’ve had my big chop my hair has not reached that length again, mostly because I kept on cutting it but I finally decided to stop and it’s growing! It’s reached that length again except in curly form so you can’t really tell.

(Happy dance at the milestone)

As happy as I am that my hair is growing each stage presents its own problems.

I have no idea if I’m in the awkward stage or if it’s still a TWA. It makes no sense to me!

It feels like the awkward stage though because it’s so dang annoying to style. But after a lot of trail and error I now have the best routine for my hair this winter.

I shall share:

So if you’re like me and you don’t like weaves, wigs don’t suit you and you’re taking a break from braids the winter can be a difficult time as you struggle with protective styles. But then I realised I could twist my hair and not take the twists out and wrap my hair in scarfs.

Option 1: head wrap.

By keeping your hair all cooped up and cosy under the wrap it keeps the harsh winter air away from your precious locks.

Option 2: hats.

At home I won’t take my silk head scarf off because A it’s comfortable and B why should I? It’s winter and my head is cold. However when you do need to go outside hats are your best friends. You can wear a woolly hat, a beanie or a satin lined beanie. The satin lined beanie is probably the best option but my broke self can’t buy one just yet so I’ll wait and then tell you how it is. For the moment I stick to my woolly hats.

Option 3: twist styles

This kind of includes Option 1. So after I’ve washed my hair and added products I twist my hair into a style. For example I flat twist the front and the back I leave in single two strand twists. This style will last for two weeks and if I don’t feel like having it out I can always wear a head wrap (option 1).

So that is what I do.

Normally I wash my hair every week but this winter I’ve taken to washing it every two weeks. I also don’t use that many products (not just in winter in general). I just use my deep conditioner of choice, my argan oil, and my cantu shea moisture leave in conditioner. That is enough for my hair and if it gets dry coconut oil works best for me. So your hair routine doesn’t always need to be complicated, just do you.

Anyway that is all,

Hope this helped 🙂

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