Ikkaku and Yumichika: Really Dudes?

These two are full on crazy.

I love them, if you’ve read my captains post I am in Squad 11. They give me jokes and they’re crazy and that’s my aesthetic. I especially love Ikkaku, he’s just everything.

However they made decisions that had me sitting there like whaaat? Both decisions have to do with their zanpakutos. So Ikkaku can release a bankai however he decides to keep this a secret because he does not want to be promoted and wants to work under Zaraki forever. I can’t fault him for wanting to stay in Squad 11, it makes sense why he hid his bankai. Only a few people know about it like Yumichika and Renji (and Iba and crazy science guy who’s name I never bother to remember but who gives me joy when he annihilates people and possibly Komamura).

However in Aizen’s arc he was protecting a pillar. Instead of releasing his bankai and defeating the arrancar he decides to keep it hidden onto death. Iba rightfully tells him off. We have no time for that nonsense Ikkaku! It wasn’t just your life on the life but a whole load of others. That’s when I wanted to smack him one because he done messed up.

Then there’s Yumichika who hid the true power of his zanpakuto because it wasn’t manly enough. Can you believe that? That he was that scared of being teased and mocked and not being taken seriously by his team mates? Did he not trust Ikkaku? I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t care. It goes to show that anyone can have insecurities, even the vain ones.

But he was willing to lose the fight and die, die!

Forget that he was willing to lose a fight to that annoying arrancar?

I sat there like, but your zanpakuto is deadly. If anyone mocked me and I had that sword I would just use it against them like mwahahahaha. He surprised me.

So yeah, these two are crazy but I love them.

Anyway that is all,

Until next time!

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