Bleach: Romances

Okay, so there are many ships in Bleach and I am aware of them but I’m only going to talk about my favourites.

To be honest when I came to think about I only had three ships. Three ships that I was really invested in anyway. So let’s dive in! (Is that becoming my catch phrase?)

Yoruichi and Urahara

Okay this ship is a sore point for some people. They’ll be like can’t girls and guys just  be friends? Why are you trying to put them together? Dude, yes girls and guys can be just friends, well girls can, I’m not so sure about guys but that’s a topic for another day. Even in Bleach Ichigo and Rukia are just friends, Orihime is friends with a lot of guys and Ichigo’s best childhood friend is a girl.

But with Yoruichi and Urahara I feel that they’re more than friends. I can’t remember which episode but someone was like Urahara is a very private person and kept his private life to himself. So it stands to reason he wouldn’t reveal who he had a relationship with. Yoruichi also gave up a lot for him. And sure it could have been because he was her friend but I see more. I see the frisson.

Also the amount of innuendos, I felt like Kubo was trying to tell me something. Plus they have total trust in one another. When she was super mode (I forgot the name sorry) he was the only one who could reign her in. They have the most flawless relationship. You could not get between them.

So I think they’re beautiful.

Ps: I think she’s the only one Urahara tells everything everything to, like there’s so much we don’t know about him … she holds the key to knowledge about Urahara but she’d never tell. Loyalty.

Ichigo and Orihime

I was talking to my friend about this couple. She didn’t buy that they ended up together when I told her and she always felt that Orihime loved Ichigo but Ichigo was indifferent. I agreed. In the beginning that is what I thought. I mean he never showed that he cared for her as she cared for him.

However when he was fighting Ulquiorra and man shot a hole through his chest and Ichigo died, it was Orihime’s cries that brought him back. She brought back the most powerful version of him. It was then that I was like “Interesting”. My friend didn’t go very far so she didn’t see this scene.

After that I saw their potential. They started working together more and they had more moments doted around the manga. They even fought Yhwach together. Oh and that Fullbring guy they fought together when Ichigo was “training”. So now it makes sense that they ended up together. I kind of wish we could see how it happened. They’re both so awkward, how did they get past first base? Forget that, how did they get to first base? Who confessed to who?

Renji and Rukia

This is my favourite ship!

When I say I shipped them from the beginning, y’all I shipped them from the beginning!

At first I was mad at Renji like why are you coming and injuring Ichigo? Your sword is mean. He was annoying. But then when they had their rematch and Ichigo beat Renji and Renji went into flashback mode remembering his childhood with Rukia and how things changed when Byakuya adopted her and how he wanted to get back to her … I just knew she was the one for him.

I was rooting for Renji but I was the odd one out because everyone else was all about Ichigo and Rukia. Nah bruv, Renji and Rukia all the way!

I’m so happy they ended up together and that Renji just keeps getting more and more fine. He is a well drawn man.

Plus did you notice how they were always together after the soul society arc? Literally, in every arc they appear together. It got to the point where one was not present without the other. I sat there getting mad happy like I see you Kubo, I see you. But honestly I didn’t think people would get together because ships kept dying (as in Gin :'() but he actually put them together in the end. And I heard that he planned from the beginning that ending … *smiles* yay.

They loved each other since childhood and I’m glad they actually ended up together. My only thing against them is… he’s so big. But I’ll leave it there.

That is all,

For now mwahahaha

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