Bleach: Favourite Lieutenants

Definitely SPOILERS within

I legit thought I had written this already, turns out I hadn’t, oops!

Anyway my favourite lieutenants here I come! This time they shall be in no particular order. (I got lazy).

Renji Abarai

I love Renji. Physically he is one well drawn character. His red hair and his tattoos, he looks so cool. I love how his style changes as well. With each change I just live for it. He is so fun to draw. Yes, that’s right, I’ve drawn him.

Personality wise, he’s loud, he’s fun, he’s passionate and he’s hard working. What’s there not to love? He can be impulsive and I sit there like “Renji no!” but no one can be perfect. That’s weird.

He’s also a good friend. He’s the kind of person you can’t help but like. He gets along with almost everyone and I think that’s a testament to his character. Plus he’s always there when you need him. Ah I just love this guy, next!

Shuhei Hisagi

This guy doesn’t have much screen time and yet here I sit loving him. I’m not the only one. I’ve seen you in the YouTube comments fellow fangirls.

He looks mysterious and badass and then it turns out he has a really nice personality. I love his adventures in the Shinigami Picture Book. He’s kind, loyal and a good bro. He’s also more innocent than you’d think looking at him.

I like his shikai too, it’s menacing and lethal. I didn’t think I’d like it but then I was there like “Yass Shuhei, get it!!”. Sometimes I think zanpakuto’s reveal a little of a shinigami’s character and his shikai showed me that Hisagi does have that lethal mwahahaha side of him.

He’s fun.

Chojiro Sasakibe

I will forever be mad that this guy got killed without us seeing his bankai. How rude, how rude! Especially as his was weather based. It looked so cool! We didn’t even get to see the fight where he died! I felt played, I was mad for Sasakibe and Yamamoto. No respect.

Lol, I’ll stop.

But I am serious, I’m mad.

He looks cool and regal and his character is pure and loyal. I like him and I’m sad we didn’t get to know him more, but I blame the people who rushed Kubo *side eye*.

If we’d had more time, I bet he would have been an awesome character. There were inconsistencies but I’m going with the version of him who managed to scar Yamamoto. I’d like to meet that guy.

Tetsuzaemon Iba

He’s so cool.

He has no shame and isn’t one to trip on his pride or his ego. I like that. It takes a lot to put aside your pride and your ego and he does manage to do that.

He is pure, loyal and true. I also like that.

He gets to the bone of things. He’s passionate and just a good guy. Good guys are underrated so I’m going to hype him up. He’s one of my favourite characters and I bet he makes an awesome captain. I’m fully glad he made it.

Ikkaku Madarame

You know I love this guy, you know it!

He’s crazy, wild, fun, loyal, dedicated and hard working. He has a strength of will and character. He is also physically strong, my days that guy! He popped his shoulder back in place with his muscles, muscles! If that is not strength then I don’t know what is.

Even though his personality is out there he manages to have moments where he’s wise and smart and is a help to other characters and the story line. Squad 11 look like a bunch of crazy dudes but they’re the most sane and real ones, they get to the heart of the situation fastest.

I’ll end it here lest I gush more.

That is all,

my fav lieutenants.

Ps: Ikkaku is a lieutenant, if you don’t know this catch up my friend. Also if you didn’t know and you read this post you clearly didn’t read the spoiler warning.

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