Bleach: Best Bankais

If you’re not caught up stop reading!

This list is in no particular order. So I’m just listing my favourite bankai’s, that I think are the best. Some bankai’s I’m not really a fan of, it’s like marmite. Some I love and some I really don’t.

Here is my list that you may or may not agree with.

Rukia: Hakka no Togame

She has my favourite ice powered blade. I know controversial as Toshiro exists and I love Toshiro but her’s is just so cool! She can basically kill herself by freezing her body to extreme temperatures but not actually die!

Because it’s so extreme she has to be quick and precise. This isn’t a zanpakuto that anyone can have. You have to be one skilled shinigami and she is!

Her bankai encourages patience along with the speed, as she has to thaw slowly otherwise she’ll hurt herself. In time I’m betting her bankai will be as powerful as Old man Yama’s. Isn’t it interesting how she becomes captain and is like the opposite of Yamamoto as her’s is ice?

Also it’s such a beautiful bankai, she’s like an ice Princess and she looks so cool and regal and badass. Yes, definitely one of my favourites.

Ikkaku: Ryuumon Houzukimaru

If you’ve been reading my posts you’ve probably realised that I love Ikkaku. Man is lit. He entertains me, he breaks out some wisdom and he’s dedicated, loyal. He’s one of my favs and his bankai is one of my favs.

It caught me by surprise, he just turned around like “bankaaaaay!” and I was like “Wait what?” Think of the hard work he put in to getting his bankai and then keeping it to himself. Keeping all that power that he had hidden.

His bankai is another hard one. Am I the only one who looks at his zanpakuto in it’s bankai form and thinks “That looks heavy!”. It does right? They’re some big swords to be lugging around and it explains his immense strength (he popped his shoulder back in place with his muscles!).

I think I just like strong guys.

I wish we’d seen more of his bankai. It’s fun seeing peoples surprised faces.

Renji: Soo Zabimaru

It’s sad that zabimaru didn’t rate him enough to give him his true bankai name. Perhaps it was because Renji rushed to get his bankai. I don’t know but really zabimaru, really?

I like Renji’s true bankai because it’s finesse. It combines the power of the baboon and the meanness of a snake. He can move around more and it’s more lethal. With more time to master it I’m sure his bankai will be one of the most powerful bankais.

Also did you know zabimaru is a nue? I just found that out. It’s cool how Kubo incorporated that.

Ichigo: Tensa Zangetsu

Originally when I was watching Bleach I thought Ichigo’s bankai would be bigger than his shikai. You know how his blade was so big and everyone was like “Whaaat!” so I thought when he mastered bankai he’d come out with some freaking huge sword.

But he didn’t, Kubo went the other way and I loved it!

The power increased tenfold but his blade became sleek and finesse. He was Zangetsu personified. He looked so cool and refined. The more powerful Ichigo is the more refined and sexy he looks.

Plus I like how his power resembles that of a hollow and how everyone loses their minds over it. Plus when his power is combined with hollification… wow.

If Rukia is beauty and skill, Ikkaku strength and Renji power and finesse, I think Ichigo is pure power. He has the power and when he believes and doesn’t despair he is like Kenny. And you know I love Kenny.

Urahara: Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame

Urahara is a genius. There’s so much to his mind and character that we have yet to see. His bankai makes me think that even more.

To think he didn’t release his bankai until the end of the manga. I’ve already talked about what I thought of Bleach and how it ended so I’ll just quickly say I wish there was more. There’s just so much more to this character that we’ll never know and I kind of want bonus chapters or something.

Urahara’s bankai, to me, represents creativity. She can restructure anything she touches. Creativity met with genius and precision. If Urahara wasn’t smart instead of fixing his eye sight he could have just made it worse.

He’s a beast but in a different way from Ikkaku. He seems calm but really if you test him he will end you.

Bonus: Shunsui – Katen Kyokotsu: Karamatsu Shinju

I love Shunsui but his relationship with his zanpakuto is weird. Then again it makes sense when you consider his character.

I added his as a bonus because I was curious ever since Ukitake said: “Don’t release it because there’s too many people around”, just how powerful his bankai was. He’s so laid back I wasn’t sure what to expect. It could have been amazing or it could have been a let down. Luckily it was the former.

His bankai is truly powerful and he is deserving of the title captain commander. I’m mad that the villains in the end were so ridiculously powerful and would not die. Shunsui’s move should have ended him, same for Urahara’s move. That lowkey pissed me off but I’ve already talked about that so I’ll stop here.

Anyway those are my favourite bankai’s. Again there is a lack of female representation as I’m not including hollows and Rangiku’s was a let down, I expected more from her but she never delivered. I liked Soi Fon’s but not that much. I feel Yoruichi’s would have been amazing but she doesn’t really use her zanpakuto so we’ve never seen it. I guess that’s my wish, to see Yoruichi’s zanpakuto.

That is all,

until the next Bleach installment bye!

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