Straight Up Gem: Taeyeon – Fine

The music I’ve been listening to lately has been speaking to me.

I feel like my life is being reflected in the lyrics.

It’s about a break up and the guy is alright, he’s moving on and feeling hopeful but she’s not fine. She doesn’t know if she will be fine, it’s hard for her.

Many times people put up a front like they’re fine but they’re not, inside they’re filled with negative emotions but you would never know because they continue to smile and say it’s fine.

I like this song because she turns around like “Actually, it’s not fine! I’m not fine!”

I’m not saying I’m going through a bad break up, I’m not. But I do understand the feeling, the desire, to just turn around and say “it’s not fine”.

Maybe I can just play this song and walk off whenever someone asks.

Have you noticed when people ask you how you are, in English, they just want to hear “I’m fine”? It’s annoying. If you don’t really want to know how someone is don’t ask. Now we have this thing where we just say what others want to hear.

I have a friend who will straight up say, “I’m not fine, life sucks right now”, at first it jarred me and I was like, “Why are you so honest?” and he was like, “Why lie? If they didn’t want to know how I felt they shouldn’t have asked, life is not always good.”

He was right, it’s not always good.

In truth I find it hard to honestly tell people how I’m feeling because I don’t like the conversation that follows, especially if we’re not close. So sometimes I speak in song, sometimes.

Taeyeon’s song although about a break up, I feel it can be applied to other areas of life and I could totally see myself playing it in response to question someone asked me.

That is all,

Tah Rah!

Ps: Also check out the song, it’s relaxing and healing. The type you’d sing on top of a hill.

PPs: Isn’t the music video great? That moment when they’re like cut ’cause she started crying? So relatable.

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