Nature speaks: Kalahari Ostriches

This blog is about the things I’m most passionate about and one of those things is nature. I love nature, I love photographing nature and having quiet time in a park or something like that.

So I was watching David Attenborough’s Africa and the ostriches spoke to me. Have you seen the baby ostriches? They’re so cute! David was like “they’re small” and I was sitting there like but compared to other birds, they’re big.

So they’re in the Kalahari and it’s hot and they need to get water pretty quick. It’s then that it’s mentioned that their parents get all their necessary water from the bugs they eat etc etc.

I paused then and thought about it. God really is so amazing. He created this creature and it lives in this dry place, when the rain hasn’t come, but he’s made sure they have ways to survive.

Sometimes you don’t need much in life, what you have is enough and if you saw that you’d be happy. Or sometimes the water is there, you just need to know how to extract it. Sometimes you need to learn how to identify the silver lining.

Anyway the chicks needed water, they were young and still growing and learning (I could make this a metaphor about youth) and then they stumbled upon a water hole. Other animals were there and the traffic was terrible. But then some rowdy lions showed up and scared everyone away leaving the area clear for the ostriches.

Finally they got to drink water they so desperately needed.

Truthfully we can learn a lot from nature, that scenario can be a metaphor for youth and it also shows how God is there to clear the traffic so that you may grow.

He clothes the grass and he looks after animals, why wouldn’t he look after you? (Matthew 6: 30).

Just a thought.

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