Like a Baby Turtle FIGHT ON!

I was watching Africa, the wildlife documentary with David Attenborough. I love animals and a lot of the stories captured me but the one of the baby turtles the most.

So they pop out of their nest and their first instinct is to sprint to the sea. They’re so determined and small it’s adorable! Normally humans aren’t involved and the baby turtles struggle alone. So they’ll run on but because they’re small and slow they get picked off by birds, even when they make it to the water.

Now as a baby turtle you could be discouraged by the sight. Your brothers and sisters are being picked off, you could turn back, you could hide. But no, you are determined, you will make it! It’s like they don’t lose their focus for one second, they keep running on!

As sea turtles are endangered humans have been helping them make it to the water. Even when those specific humans pick up the turtle, the turtle is still moving, still trying to get to the water. Even before they place the turtle safely in the water they’re paddling air.

You can learn a lot from their spirit. They never doubt and they never stop trying. They know they will make it and they will not stop trying until they’re dead.

That’s amazing.

So if the little baby turtle can do it, why can’t we? We have God, we have each other, we can totally make it to the water and freedom.

So be like the baby turtle, fight on!

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