Lessons Learnt: Clueless

I do like chick flicks, they’re so much fun and relaxing. So what did I learn from this movie?

You don’t need to change people. 

Cher loves makeovers. She takes on Tai and enrolls her into the popular crowd. She discourages her natural attraction to Travis even though he was perfect for her because he wasn’t clean cut and mature I guess.

The film was based loosely off Emma (second time I’ve talked about Emma today) and like Emma learns so does Cher. You shouldn’t change people and you shouldn’t interfere in all love matches. Some need a little nudge like with her teachers but with Tai she ended up doing more harm than good.

It’s okay to be a virgin.

Cher is a virgin and Dionne is a technical virgin. Cher doesn’t feel insecure about the fact that she is a virgin nor does she make anyone feel bad for not being a virgin. Be like Cher.

Lol, I’m kind of kidding. But seriously it was nice that in a chick flick the main character wasn’t obsessed about sex and losing her virginity. She wanted to wait for the right guy as it is important.

She did feel bad for it in the end though as she couldn’t relate to her friends who had all lost it. I can understand that as as you get older you do feel that pressure more especially as your friends take the plunge and you’re feeling like you’re missing out on something. Honestly you’re not. I’ve seen couples who’ve waited until their wedding day to kiss, KISS! They had self control, and it worked for them. I’ve known couples who have gotten married and they were both virgins and they felt that it was better that way as they both had a clean slate and they learnt together and got better together. There’s something beautiful about that.

However I’m not shaming people who have taken the plunge. Do you, as long as you’re happy and at peace with your decision that’s what matters. That’s why I like the fact that Cher stuck to her convictions and her reasons (she wanted it to be special) and it worked out for her in the end.

Sometimes you don’t know yourself.

So in college I liked this guy, A, and I fancied him for almost the whole two years. (I’m British so when I say college I mean sixth form college at ages 16-18). Then 3/4’s of the way through my second year I couldn’t stop noticing his friend, B. I would defend B, I thought B was hilarious as he was in form in AS and I thought he was cute. But I never thought I liked him as my first impression of him wasn’t good. But as college was finishing and I was studying in the library B walked in, we had eye contact and I felt it, the frisson and I was so confused! Did I like him?

The answer is yes and it took me two years to realise it. (A was eye candy, very hot eye candy).

I’m ashamed to say that that was not the first time it had happened.

So sometimes you miss that you like someone. You really won’t know until something hits you at the back of your head like “You like him, idiot!” It felt good watching Clueless (and Emma) knowing that I was not the only one.

So what did you learn from Clueless?

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