Relatable Music: What Am I to You?

I have little to no relationship experience, in fact you could write a book on what not to do based on my life. However recently I’ve been thinking a lot and this intro from BTS really resonated with me.

I think I like the way it builds to the end where he’s asking, “What am I to you, what am I to you? I do love you crazy uh do you?!”

I love that bit because I can imagine myself saying that. Even imagining myself rapping that lyric in my head releases a whole load of stress.

As always I check out the lyrics and translation. My Korean isn’t good enough for me to understand it on my own yet. But anyway the lyrics: it starts off happy and lovey dovey. The thrill of new love of having a girl, as it’s rapped by Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon), it’s quite sweet actually as he’s declaring his adoration for her.

Then we move onto the second verse and now they’re a couple but it feels like there is trouble in the water. He’s devoted but her response is lukewarm. He’s discouraged by this and the second verse is him ranting about it like what is this? Is this okay? Should we change? Should I change? What is this?

At least that’s my interpretation.

He just wants the affection to reciprocated.

With my limited experience one line jumped out to me:

넌 또, 좋지도 나쁘지도 않다고 해

And you say you don’t like me but you don’t hate me either

I think that’s the worst place to be, where someone feels indifference towards you.

The lyrics in the first verse also talked about how he wanted to be her boyfriend, her man, different from anyone else. He wanted to be special to her. To have that relationship.

When I was pursuing romance that is what I wanted. I think that’s all anyone wants. To love and to be loved in return. Or to want and to be wanted in return, unfortunately we don’t always get that.

So ends my relatable music section.


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