My Favourite Authors You Should Definiely Check Out!

On this blog I write about the things that I am passionate about, one of those things is books and reading. I have neglected this topic but no more!

(It’s also because I haven’t read anything new in a while, I need new books).

Anyhow this is my list of my favourite authors, in no particular order, and why I love them. I highly recommend each and every one of them and feel like together they cater to a large variety of people.

Although looking at the list I have prepared I can see I have a type.

First of all is:

Joss Stirling

I have been reading her books most recently. The latest that I’ve read is Summer Shadows, the last of the Savant series I think. Just to speak on Summer Shadows, I loved it. It was the perfect ending to the series and I related to Summer in the sense that she’s strong and yet insecure, and she loves classic literature. We also have the same type in guys. It’s funny because Summer’s is the third book and Crystal from Seeking Crystal is the third book in it’s trilogy and I loved them both most. They were taken advantage of the most and I just wanted someone to stand up and fight for them. Or for them to fight for themselves.

Anyway I love Joss Stirling’s books, I’ve read all six of the Savant series. She created such a simple yet vivid world. It wasn’t too complex.ย She also managed to create believable villains that made me really nervous. You know when you’re sitting there like “Will Summer make it? This guy is good, in a bad way.” Also not all the villains were so black and white as seen in Seeking Crystal.

I look forward to reading her other books and any others she creates in the future.

Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson is my ultimate childhood author. She was amazing! Her stories were real, they weren’t sugar coated and they made me think about other kid’s situations in the UK.

Her stories were always so vivid and would tackle different social issues that affected kids. Like the foster system, being abandoned, postpartum depression (when left untreated), death and more … she wasn’t afraid to tackle those issues.

She has a ton of books under her name. I stopped reading her new ones but there are so much more! My niece also loves her and I see titles I never knew in her shelf (or Kindle … it’s mostly on her Kindle).

So if you have kids, I highly recommend Wilson, she got me into reading (along with Biff, Chip and Kipper … you can tell I’m British).

Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot is amazing. I first fell in love with her Missing books about Jess. They were just my cup of tea. Meg Cabot had a way of writing strong, female protagonists that just spoke to me. I was like yes! Jess could kick butt, she was compassionate and she had a healthy obsession for motorcycles. She was a character I could relate to.

Then my friends told me she had written the Princess Diaries books but I thought, “I’ve watched the movie, why read the books?” They told me to trust them they were way different. I listened and OMD the books are TOTALLY different. I can’t watch the movies anymore without being like “Errm…” I kind of wish they’d made a movie based completely on the characters in the books as they were. It would have been so cool and not so mushy.

From then on I think I read almost all of her books: The Mediator series, Airhead series, American Girl series… dude I’ve read them all. I love her style and the characters she creates.

My favourite stand alone book has to be Tommy Sullivan is A Freak!

Shelly Laurenston

For you mature ladies this is for you.

I’ve read a number of romance novels but I hated how they weren’t very realistic. They’d always just fall in love too quick oor they’d get so overbearingly romantic I’d sit there like “Why?”. Sometimes they’d have romance but no story.

Shelly Laurenston is one of the authors who writes romance novels with a good story and it feels realistic. She writes mostly supernatural romances but they still manage to be relatable, how is that? The men and women just feel real and they get romantic without going over the top with it.

She builds a good story and characters, there’s action as well as romance and so she is one of my favourite romance authors.

Sophie Kinsella

Another adult author she’s one of the few that I like. Weirdly enough I haven’t read her Shopaholic series, future goal?

I have however read Twenties Girl and Remember Me? She’s a cool author, she’s a great writer and her style is friendly and it just sucks me in. She’s also creative with it and I used to love reading her books when I was younger as they gave me an insight into the mind of an adult woman.

I used to be like “Wow, is that what it’s like?”

If you’re not so much into YA novels and want to take a step up age wise then I’d suggest Sophie Kinsella.

Eoin Colfer

Yo! So I was just looking up the author and I have exciting news. Well it’s exciting to me.

So I love this author for one book, Airman. Airman is a good book. The emotions in it are intense, it takes you on such a journey that you won’t be alright for a few days afterwards. The characters are very well developed, the plot twist you don’t see coming (you personally feel the betrayal) and you really grow with the characters.

I recommended this book to my friend and it straight up got her into reading. No lie.

I can’t talk about it more without giving the plot away. It is one of the best books I have ever read. And the exciting news is it’s going to be made into a movie this year! Well or so they say, we’ll see. I hope they do the book justice.

Jane Austin

She’s my favourite classical author. I haven’t read all her books but my friend bought me this edition with all of them so I’m on my way.

I love her writing style, her humour and the subtle lessons she employs. Pride and Prejudice got me thinking, it wasn’t what I expected and neither Jane nor Mr Darcy were completely in the right. I thought that was interesting as some authors tend to put one sex over the other.

Emma was hilarious, Emma herself was a bit annoying but she was still relatable. In classic novels I feel like we should never trust the guy the protagonist falls for first, he normally ends up not being the one. It’s cool how Clueless is based offย Emma.

Her novels are timeless and are still relevant to this day. As an author if your work proceeds you and still affects people after your death then you’ve succeeded I feel. (So Homer must be the most successful author of all time).

Cathy Cassidy

We’re back to books for young women, also known as teenagers. I like Cathy Cassidy’s books because they’re so colourful and because like Jacqueline Wilson she tackles social issues in a tasteful and an insightful way.

My favourite book by her is Gingersnaps. This book is about bullying, something we all suffer from at one point in our lives, and in the book Ginger has to learn to stand up for herself and to take back her life. To love herself. This book also highlighted how the one who hurts you may be the one you called friend.

I always learn something reading her books and it’s nice to read love stories from an innocent, fresh perspective.

You also get to travel with her books. I haven’t read them all but so far we’ve been to Australia and have learnt about Polish culture.

Cathy Hopkins

Another favourite from my childhood. My teenagehood more like actually.

I loved the Mates Dates series, the Truth Dare Kiss or Promise series and the Cinnamon Girl series. Her characters were diverse and reminded me of people I knew. The stories she wrote resonated with what I was going through at that time so I really related to the characters. I fell in love with England with her books and my favourite places in London come from there (I’ve yet to explore south England). We really got to know each character and I like how she wasn’t afraid to include books in a male perspective.

I feel they are still relevant so if you have or know a teenager and they love to read, I recommend Cathy Hopkins.

Now for some Honorable Mentions:

Olivia Ryan (Tales from a Wedding Day my fav), Jenny Colgan (The Good, The Bad and The Dumped), Shakespeare (yes that’s right Shakespeare, he’s bae. Yes I did just say that. He wrote comedies, tragedies and sonnets that are still relevant today! He was blessed. My favourite play is Much Ado About Nothing), Karen McCombie (Ally’s World series), Karen Marie Moning, Wendy Holden (Simply Divine), and Lilly Singh (Her Bawse book is out. I haven’t read it but if she can write as well as she can do comedy I’m sure it’s to be amazing).

I would also recommend my friends. I have friends who are aspiring authors but I’m just waiting for them to publish. Once they do, that blog post will be up faster than you can blink.

Then there is me, yes me. I have published one book already, A Classic Case of Deja Vu and soon I shall have my second book published, it’s in the works. I’m excited for that so I shall shamelessly plug (as that’s what you have to do) and say wait for it.

I hope you enjoyed my list and that you check them out. ๐Ÿ˜€

If you read all these books you’ll never be bored again, well for a few months … depending on how fast you read.


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