Gym Etiquette

This is a pet peeve. Although I’m starting to wonder if I’m becoming slightly OCD.

But why is it that some people have such bad gym etiquette?

So my gym has a women’s only gym and a main gym area for everyone. The main gym area is pretty tidy, I guess because there’s a lot of traffic there so they pay extra attention to keeping it tidy. The women’s gym however isn’t as well maintained. I’ll come to do my pre-workout routine and it’s messy, weights are everywhere or missing and the mats are in random places.

It’s not that hard to put the weights back where you find them after you’re done. It’s not hard doing the same for the mats. And why do weights keep going missing? Why do they take weights upstairs to the main area? They have enough equipment up there they don’t need more!

So then I end up feeling OCD as before I can workout I have to tidy up. Am I weird? Can you workout in a messy area?

And this is the women’s gym! All those stereotypes about women being tidy are untrue. Untrue I tell you.

Another gym etiquette foul I’ve noticed is people not wiping their machines after they’re finished. This applies to both men and women. It’s gross. You’re sweating up a storm on the treadmill or the chest press and then you get up and leave your sweat stains behind… thanks, that’s so nice.

Look, I’m just saying we should think of each other more. We share a workout space, we should be considerate of our fellow gym members. So wipe down machines after using them, put weights back, quit taking all the weights to the main gym leaving the women’s only gym empty and after you’re done don’t leave a mess.

Some people even leave bottled water behind. That’s just a wasteful.

Other than that I’m still in love with the gym. I’ll talk about reaching my goals soon.

Tah tah!

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