What I learnt from Bad Moms

Spoilers Within

I watched a movie again and here is what I learnt.

Today we shall be talking about Bad Moms. I didn’t expect to like this movie and yet I did. It was so good and funny! I found myself dying in my living room. And Kiki, Kiki is my spirit Mom, me if I was a mom. She was funny, cute and quirky and sooo weird, I loved it.

All in all it’s a good movie I recommend seeing.

So the lessons.

Don’t forget yourself

Being a mom is hard work, you’ve got to raise little people. You have a big responsibility and it’s easy to lose yourself in it. I’m not speaking from experience but rather from what I’ve heard and seen from mom’s.

So in Bad Moms Mila Kunis’ character gives everything to her family, and that’s great but she kind of forgets herself. I knew that breakdown was coming and I’m glad it did.

Moms’ need to have parties! Why is it when you become an adult you can’t treat yourself? Yeah you have to be responsible but you can send your kids to their grandma’s and have a fun ladies night and then bam! you blew off some steam and are ready for another week or month, depending on how often you have the ladies night.

What I’m trying to say is moms’ need more fun! (I would say dads too but in my life dads always manage to have fun whilst the moms don’t. So moms it’s fine, you are allowed to go crazy once in a while).

Don’t do everything

Mila’s chatacter did everything … everything! And she didn’t need to! Omd what a lazy husband and kids she had. They were in middle school and you’re telling me they couldn’t make their own breakfast? Pour cereal in a bowl and add milk? They couldn’t make their own lunch? A sandwich?

Mila’s character  had a mothering streak a mile wide and unfortunately her loving nature got taken advantage of. Not cool.

So if you’re a mom and your kids are big enough let them do their own crap. Especially if your day is hella busy. You don’t need to do everything for everyone! In fact, no, watch the movie, you’ll see Mila come to this realisation and then be liberated, in a good way.

Don’t spoil your kids

This is kind of the same as the second point. Her kids were brats. I don’t understand. Maybe it’s my Rwandese mom but if I tried that crap, if I spoke to my mom that way … well … she would not stand for it. Having grown up and now understanding things more I would not stand for it either. It’s rude and disrespectful. And Mila had done nothing wrong! She was such a nice mom and they were rude! It’s sad when good moms aren’t appreciated.

I’m glad it sort of changes through out the movie.

Last lesson, don’t let PTA moms bully you. 

Bullying exists everywhere it seems and I love that in this movie they stood up to the bully.

I also liked that no character was black and white. It was realistic and made the film relatable.

That’s it, those are my lessons learnt.

Until next time,


Ps: I don’t think I’m ready for marriage, the way Kiki’s husband talks to her … I can’t.

PPs: Did y’all see the Lilly Singh cameo? Did ya?

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