Let’s Talk Dragon Ball (Manga)


I recently finished reading Dragon Ball and then Dragon Ball Z. Yes, I know. I’m late. I did watch it as a kid but I watched it sporadically and out of order. So I didn’t know the universe too well. And then Super came out and I wanted to know Dragon Ball totally and then to watch Super.

(Oh and I used to watch the movies more than the anime but I digress.)

Having read it from start to finish there are some things I’d like to talk about. And this is just for the manga because even though the anime is pretty faithful to the manga there are still differences here and there.

I loved Dragon Ball! It was so pure and simple, like Goku, and it was fun going on adventures with him. We were introduced to the core characters for the first time and we got to know Terra. It was cool to have the manga where you got to know everyone really well in a chill way. Before the madness started happening.

I did wonder how Goku would grow up as he was so pure. Like how were they going to tackle puberty and all that. But he remained the same even growing up and then he got married to Chi Chi. I knew it was going to happen anyway but it was so weird. I just wondered, “Do they do IT? How did she explain that?”

I have so many questions about their relationship.

So Dragon Ball was cool. It was about the Dragon Balls and I liked the evolution of Piccolo. The twist that Piccolo was the evil half of Kami was unexpected. And when Piccolo created Piccolo 2 before he died I was like uh oh but also aww.

It’s funny how he was the big bad in Dragon Ball but he totally redeems himself. Even though he’s a copy ish of Piccolo 1 he’s still different and his own person. Although he struggles with that. I love Piccolo, he’s one of my favourite characters.

Someone pointed out how everyone forgot Goku saved them from Piccolo 1. That’s so true because in Dragon Ball Z it’s all about Saten which was annoying to say the least.

I liked Dragon Ball also for the friendships and for Muten Roshi. He gave Goku a strong base to build upon. Also Krillin was strong and remember Yamcha? … Yamcha *sigh*. He was good once but they all just passed him, poor guy. And Bulma she was fun and sassy, she had nothing to do with the fighting aspect but she was invaluable because of her brain. Sometimes I think fans forget that.

Moving on to Dragon Ball Z. It got real! We found out about everyone’s origins and that was so cool. Piccolo was an alien (it’s says a lot that no one ever questioned where he was from. They never saw him as an other) and so was Goku. Kind of sad we don’t get much of Raditz. I know he was evil but I would have liked to know about Goku and his fam, especially his dad.

Then Vegeta came along and I was so looking forward to Vegeta, people hyped up his growth but OMD he annoyed me. Like why did he let villains upgrade so that he could have a hard battle? Whatever! Kill Cell and then spar with Goku if you want a challenge, days! And then there was his obsession with beating Goku. I guess competition is healthy.

Side note: Don’t you wish you were a fly on the wall when Bulma and Vegeta got together? I’m so curious.

Future Trunks! He knew how to get a job DONE! He eliminated Freiza and his dad like that *snaps finger* and when he went back to the future he eliminated Androids 17 and 18 and Cell. He did not mess around. Goku and Vegeta should have learnt from him.

Although to be fair Goku did learn but Gohan was thirsty for vengeance so he missed his chance and Goku sacrificed himself. That must have been traumatising for Gohan, they don’t really go into it but I did wonder, hmm did that eat away at him? But Goku was good at not blaming him and making sure he knew that it wasn’t his fault. People say Goku was a bad father but I think he was a good father. Before Z there are years he looked after Gohan and Gohan clearly loved his father. No one is perfect but I think it’s a bit much to say he was the worst father.

Another pet peeve, they died too much. It was just … *sigh* That is all I’m going to say. I’m glad they introduced rules (which they always found ways around *another sigh*).

And why is it that after becoming a Super Namekjin Piccolo doesn’t get to flex his muscles again. He’s a smart fighter with the potential to kill it, why doesn’t he get to fly? It’s all about the saiyans and if the manga was called Saiyans I’d let it go but it’s not so what gives? And Gohan, he goes through all that training only to not defeat Majin Buu?


I was so looking forward to Gohan killing it but no Goku stole the show and I was so disappointed. Boo!

I do have to say though Buu was my favourite villain. I loved the mocking he did. It tickled me. I also like funny and creative fights. Him fighting Gotenks was fun to read.

I feel the final arc could have been so much more but so many opportunities were wasted. The main god was a let down and Gohan and Piccolo didn’t get to kill it. It was just unsatisfactory. But one thing finally happened, I saw the growth in Vegeta everyone kept talking about. He finally got his shit together. Although he didn’t lose his personality which was nice.

The ending was weird. Goku … he just lives to fight which makes sense but that was not expected lol.

So that’s what I thought of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. It was good but there were areas where the story lacked. I also felt that other characters got to grow and level up whilst others just stopped. Dragon Ball does have a large cast but I don’t think it was impossible to get them to have their own moments to shine. However there were still good fights. Future Trunks and Freiza, destroying Cell, when they discover Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2 and 3 and dealing with the Androids. Those moments were good.

That is all,

Onto Super I go!

(Yes there is GT but meh … I’m not into it).

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