Wonder Woman Review!! *Theme starts playing*

*Theme is still playing*!! 

Okay I’m back.


That theme gets me ready for battle. I love Hans Zimmer and his score. OMD, I found that there’s a full version. Did you know it’s played on a cello by Tina Guo? Go on YouTube and check it out! You know I love soundtracks.

Anyway moving on. Wonder Woman, what did I think?

First of all I waited so long for this movie! Do you know how many times we came close to having a wonder woman movie? So many times! And I swear there was a time Megan Fox was considered for the role. I’m so glad DC got their act together and finally made it happen. I have loved Diana since Justice League Unlimited. She was so un-apologetically strong! She was wise and she was a beast! She could fight them all with her eyes closed! But she was also kind and fair and without prejudice. Since then my love affair for her only grew. And now we have a movie yay!! *happy dance*

The movie lived up to my expectations. However I will say I only watched one trailer. I didn’t want too much to be revealed so I didn’t watch the many trailers that were released. So that kept some of the mystery alive for me.

There are spoilers from here on out!


I loved the Amazons! They were so cool and fierce and everything I hoped they would be. They were warriors and lived a happy life away from the world. They did not care for the world of men and it was great! Because that is exactly how the Amazons are in the comics and cartoons. They don’t understand why Diana helps them.

The battle on the beach was so good. I was nervous though because the Germans had guns and stuff but the Amazons still killed it, especially Antiope … I love her. Hearts were in my eyes.

I wish there was more of them. Amazon movie perhaps? One detailing their past and how Hippolyta freed them. That would be a great movie. Just putting it out there.

Apart from the Amazons the movie was good. I liked how they handled everything. It was humourous where it needed to be and they subtly tackled subjects like sexism, World War I and modest London.

World War I was one of the worst wars and is called the unnecessary war. In history I remember my teacher talking about how Generals would plan this and that but would never actually step foot on the battle field but just sacrifice soldiers. They actually tackled this subject in the movie and I loved it as I always thought the same as Diana did. How could a General risk all that and yet not fight with his men? It was cowardly.

Even in the face of 20th Century London she does not change. They want to cover her up and have her in the background but she’s like, “No, I was born to shine!” She doesn’t get pushed around by anyone.

There were moments where I’d feel uncomfortable watching her and I realised it was because I was not like her. If I found myself in 20th Century London I would try to blend in because I know I’d be horrified by the sexism I wouldn’t know what to do. Wonder Woman reminded me I shouldn’t be apologetic and that I should be strong in the face of adversity, I loved that.

Her romance with Steve was cute. It wasn’t forced and it wasn’t the main story. They also don’t end up together in the end. It’s short, it’s beautiful and it’s sad. I wasn’t expecting that, for him to die but I don’t think there was any other way and you’ve got to respect him for that. He was incredibly brave. I’m glad the man she was paired with stood for the same things she did, for truth, for justice and that he was brave and honourable.

I also enjoyed the supporting cast. They tackled Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and they tackled the role Native Americans played in WWI. Different points of view were included and it made the war scenes raw and real.

Now the elephant in the room. Ares. I’ll admit, I didn’t believe in Diana or the Amazons. “They’re not going to have Ares in this, pah!” I thought. However I did suspect Sir Patrick. Ever since she left the island Hippolyta kept warning her that men would betray her. So I thought Sir Patrick would betray them and turn out to be working with the Germans. I was half right, he wasn’t good. But to find out that he was Ares! That was so cool! It actually happened! He was in the movie!

It’s a shame god destroyer was destroyed. But what a twist, Diana was the god destroyer as only a god can kill a god. I should have seen that coming what with my love for mythology but I missed it.

I thought David Thewlis was good as Ares, he played the duality well and I liked that he didn’t look like Ares. Greek gods blended in, they liked to come down off Mount Olympus and mess with the humans. To do that they had to look normal from time to time. So I had no problem with the look.

I did however have a problem with the fight. It was lacking a bit, there was too much talking. I get it it was a turning point for Diana but I wanted to see them fight. That may be the action junkie in me talking. But come on, it’s Ares and Wonder Woman … let them fight.

Overall it was a good movie. I loved it and I would definitely see it again and again, so DVD? lol

There are those who thought it didn’t do enough for feminism I disagree. Wonder Woman is the step in the right direction. It stars Gal Gadot, who was amazing! I doubted her in the beginning when she was cast, I didn’t think she could be a warrior but she proved me wrong and I’m glad, and it was directed by Patty Jenkins, a woman. She did an amazing job and just think about it, this is the first solo female comic book film. The first! And Black Widow exists. Not only is it the first but the movie did Wonder Woman justice.

I’d like us to build on this. We’ve started with Wonder Woman, so there needs to be Wonder Woman 2 with more improvements. And then Storm can get her own movie and Black Widow and other characters. This movie showed that solo female super hero movies can be a success so Hollywood has no excuse now. I don’t care what anyone says that’s a victory in my eyes.

So that is all, I’d give it a four out of five (nothing is perfect but it was close).

What did you think?

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