Hav Plenty – Review

It’s pretty cool that this film is a true story. People get up to some crazy stuff.

I mean it wasn’t so crazy but at some points I really started to wonder if that actually happened. Like everything, to the letter?

Also there are some moments that he had to have made up. Like what the sister said to Hav. He wasn’t there how does he know what was said in that room? Or the grandmother kitchen scene. But then again perhaps the sister told him!

So I enjoyed the film, I thought it was cute, I liked the fourth wall breaking and I had hope that, “Ooh maybe the ending isn’t so bad”. I had heard nothing of the movie nor had I researched it before I watched it so I knew nothing of what was to happen.

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

But then it was real life so can I be mad? No.

It just wasn’t romantic to me and I’ve read comments that called it romantic. It was sad and Hav was so materialistic and egotistical. She had a guy who loved her that much and yet she treated him that way? Stories like that just frustrate me.

I kind of wish I had researched it beforehand because then I wouldn’t have watched it. Yeah people say it’s better to have a realistic ending but nah, I watch rom coms to see couples get together. If I want realistic I’ll watch a realistic one or I’ll just live my life. Real life is full of realistic situations. Even if you have rose tinted glasses on life will knock those glasses off soon enough.

So yeah, it was not for me.

It was well made though.

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