Something New

I’ve always wanted to watch this one but I’ve never gotten round to it. I always wondered if Simon Baker and Sanaa Lathan worked well together and now I know, they do!

It wasn’t what I expected. I thought the prejudice was going to come from the outside and give them trouble but really Sanaa’s character, Kenya, was the one who had to fight the prejudice within herself.

As a black woman I can understand where she was coming from. I mean I’m more like Simon’s character, Brian, I like men and I’ll date whoever but I can still see where she was coming from. In a world where racism exists, especially living in America and having to deal with all that it makes sense that she would be that way.

However I am glad her mind opens and she gets to know him. Because really in life you never know who you’re going to fall for. He could be Asian, Latino, White or Black, he could be the one and yet you say no just because of his race.

However there are also troubles when you date interracially. They explore all these troubles perfectly, each side gets their point of view explored and it was interesting to see. I didn’t think Brian would be brave enough to touch upon the issue but he was and I was like, “Oh hey”.

Watching the film made me think and it was very interesting. I think this may be the best film that tackles interracial love between a black woman and a white man.

They also had great chemistry. Oh my screen was on fire! Wow. He can get it.

I like how at the end Kenya pursues what she wants and not what others want. She made her own choice and thinking about it she had some good friends who weren’t that judgey. She had a good father who spoke some wisdom and her mother was OTT (over the top) but in the end she wasn’t so bad either.

So perhaps your worst enemy isn’t always others but yourself.

Yet another great Sanaa movie lol. I’d give it a four out of five.


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