Have Strength

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

Psalms 27: 1

So in church this was the main verse the pastor used.

It’s such a good verse I don’t even need to write a lot to explain it.

In this world there is a lot to be afraid of. Not just the big, obvious scary stuff but other things too. You may be scared that you’ll fail, or that you’ll be alone or that you’ll never be happy. Sometimes the fear comes from within you and you may be anxious.

This verse reminds us of God’s light. He is there for you and will always be. You don’t have to look for Him He is always there.

When you don’t have strength He will give you strength.

It’s easy to be afraid but fear not because God’s got your back. He is looking after you mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

So the next time you are feeling down, and your thoughts are full of fear and pessimism remember that verse and remember that you’re not alone. There are people who are struggling too, you won’t be the first to fail in life and failure is not the end. When you fail you may have reached the bottom but there is room for you to climb back up with God’s help.

So yeah, I hope that helps.

There are many strength verses in the bible, another popular one is Philippians 4: 13, my fellow camp counselor loved that one. Also Psalms 139: 7-12 highlights how God will never leave you no matter where you are physically or mentally.

Check out those verses for yourselves and I shall leave you with this one below,


No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
And every tongue which rises against you in judgment
You shall condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,
And their righteousness is from Me,”
Says the Lord.

Isaiah 54: 17

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