Best Movie Soundtracks

Here I am with my favourite soundtracks from movies. Soundtracks can save a movie for me, music speaks to me and so they’re just as important as everything else that makes a movie.

Let’s start shall we?

She’s The Man

This movie’s soundtrack is banging I don’t care what anyone says. The songs fit the film and were so fun and very suited to summer.

If you’re looking for new songs always look at a film’s soundtrack, you will find gems! That’s what happened with me and She’s The Man.

My favs are: Chali 2na – International ft Beenie Man, 4ever – The Veronicas and I think Move Along – American Rejects.

Batman v Superman

This movie has the best superhero soundtrack … ever! Or at least to date. Hans Zimmer did brilliantly. I loved it.

The movie wasn’t perfect (at least the cinema version, I haven’t seen the full version) but the music was perfect. It fit the mood and the characters. Each one had their own theme and it just stuck out to me. Like the scene with the day of the dead or when Superman was pulling that ship through the ice. Ugh so powerful!

Not to mention Wonder Woman’s theme, I swear that one makes anyone ready to go to battle. Her’s was electrifying, powerful and vibrant. It livened up the film, Wonder Woman brought in the colour not just with her presence but with her song too.


I’ve already written a post about this one. The music in this is so beautiful. Lin Manuel Miranda did a great job. It was Polynesian, it was beautiful and the songs each told a story.

They truly touched my heart. My favourites are: We Know the Way, I Am Moana (second version – Song of the Ancestors) and Know Who You Are.


This is one of my favourite films of all time. It’s not just the plot and the characters that speak to me but the soundtrack too.

It’s so good! It’s chill, sentimental, country and just the best. The songs all make me feel something, this movie is the reason I got into Lynyrd Skynyrd. Whoever was in charge of the soundtrack did a great job. There is such a nice mixture of artists on the soundtrack too like James Brown, Ryan Adams, The Hombres, U2, The Temptations, Elton John and I Nine.

The songs fit every mood and every theme including the road trip across Southern America theme. If I ever end up on a road trip this movie’s soundtrack shall be playing.

Lion King

Yeah it’s another Disney film but I donna care! I love this movie! The music is of course the bomb and not just the songs that are in the film but the ones that came with it. Elton John was a blessing is all I’ll say.

There is just no wrong with this film. All the songs fit, well duh, and they added Africa to the mixture. From what I can tell they mostly drew from East Africa and South Africa and it rocked. Even Lion King 2 has some fire songs.

*happy sigh* what can I say it’s perfect … it’s perfect! *walks out*.

Okay I’m back. That is all for this post 😀

Part two soon.

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