You too can be beautiful

I’ve noticed that when women meet someone beautiful and they acknowledge this it comes at a great personal cost. Like admitting this woman is pretty somehow takes away from their beauty.

Not every woman does this, I know. And as for men, I don’t know if they do this either. So I’m just going on my own experiences with some women.

Anyway, they’ll compliment a sister but then they’ll put themselves down in the process.

“You’re so much prettier than I am.”

“I wish I could be as pretty as you!”

Like girl please, can there only be one beautiful woman in a room at a time, in a friendship at a time? Like what?

Just because she’s pretty doesn’t mean you’re not. You’re both beautiful. And I hate it when you try and point this out but they dodge the compliment. My friend sent me the perfect meme highlighting this situation:


It takes a violent turn but you get the message.

All that I’m trying to say is, more than one beautiful woman can exist! Beautiful women can occupy the same space and the world will not explode!

And if a friend compliments you why don’t you accept it? Is it because of low self esteem? Then work on that but remember if a true friend compliments you and lifts you up, don’t knock it. Take the compliment and see the beauty others see in you.

If you have high self esteem and feel threatened when another beautiful woman is present then please just stop. You can both be beautiful. You can both shine. So be beautiful together.

Besides beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you may appeal to one person and they may appeal to another.

Also beauty fades, so don’t stock so much on it. Because when you’re old and wrinkly will it really matter?


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