Celebrating Suju!!

Eunhyuk and Donghae recently came back from the military and are already slaying ELF’s with their beautiful music and amazing performance skills. I thought they’d chill for a bit when they came back but nope! D&E don’t know no chill!!


But when they went to the military I’ll admit I was one of those ELF’s who went into hibernation. I tried not to! And I still followed Yesung but I just couldn’t get into the songs because I’d listen and be like, “When are they all going to be back! It’s so long!”

And then D&E came back and it was like spring had arrived. Seriously. Also didn’t the time just fly? It feels like they left yesterday.

Anyway half of Suju is back! Siwon is coming back this year too! (Alas we’ll have to wait a while for Ryeowook and Kyuhyun :'().

So in celebration of half coming back *starts to dance* I thought I’d share some of my favourite songs from them. They’re good for everything: sexy music, dance music, emotional and touching music … it’s the benefit of having so many members.

Evanesce 백일몽

This song is heavenly. I loved it more than their title song (Mamacita). It gave me all the feels, it was so rich! The emotions bleed through as they sing and umm it touched me.

Also they managed to incorporate dance to this song through Eunhyuk. He killed that.

And people say Suju can’t do ballads (Pah!).

머문다 (Daydream)

This is another song that bleeds with emotion. You know when you neglect an album and then go back to it one day and you’re amazed you ever forgot such artistry? Yeah that happened to me. I went back and was shocked I had forgotten this gem! This deserves a hidden gem post …. *light bulb*!

Yes I shall come back to this song. *smirk*

Sorry Sorry Answer

Sorry Sorry was their international big break song. It made Suju Suju although they had been doing a good job previously. Anyhow after Sorry Sorry they released this gem which is a slower and sexier version of the song. I never thought it would work but oh it did.

It is such a sexy song and every time I hear it I can’t help but remember Eunhyuk’s dancing.

Also KRY’s (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung) voices really shone through in this song. I kind of consider this as their debut.

너라고 (It’s You)

It’s a strange mix of dance and sadness.

I feel emotional as I listen to the verses and then during the choruses I just want to dance. In fact I do dance and sing passionately. This is a pre Sorry Sorry song and it doesn’t matter where I am, when the chorus kicks in I will lip sync or dance or something.

I’ve gotten many a strange look but I don’t care, this song rocks!

미인아 Bonamana

I prefer the Korean name rather than the English name. The Korean name makes more sense, it means beauty. They’re talking about this beautiful woman they’re in love with. This song is part of the dance section of Suju. I  have an odd relationship with this song but at the end of the day like Mr Simple I love this song.

Half way through you’ll find me dancing like I know the steps (although I kind of do). It’s a fun song and I don’t care what anyone says I love Suju’s fun songs.


This was more of a Japanese release but they also released a Korean version. It’s one of their more underrated dance songs but I like it. It stands out with the strange beat and the mysterious vibe. I think they were going for a Phantom of the Opera feel and they succeeded.

I also really like the dance. Honestly. It’s up there on my top five Suju dances. Also Yesung just shone through in this song which I loved.

Last but not least,


It’s a very, “WE ARE SUPER JUNIOR” song. The way it starts with Yesung, so regal, he just sets the tone. And the almost monotone quality of the song works and makes them seem so cool. If Superman existed this would be his anthem like, “What’s up B****** I’m back!”

Obviously there are many more songs that I love, like From U. There are also the sub units like, D&E and KRY and the solos, but hey I don’t want this post to go on forever.

Check out Suju!

Giftie out!

(I’m so excited for new songs, can you tell?)

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