Looking Symmetrical

This is just my opinion but I’m starting to dislike trends. Or rather I dislike how we all follow them religiously.

Okay I don’t follow trends. I’m too broke for that and even if I wasn’t, I honestly don’t care.

But I started to notice all the trendy people look the same. Because they’re trendy they all follow the same trends. Wear the same clothes and do their make up the same way. Even on a casual day the causal trendy look is the same!


I thought the point of fashion was to stand out, to be bold and to conquer. Or is that just my way of thinking?

Personally I prefer it when people are unique. You know when someone’s fashion is unique and very ‘them’. Like you can see their personality and their flavour? I prefer that kind of fashion.

I’m not hating on any trends that are out right now, they look cool but when everyone follows them it’s a bit boring. It’d be nice if there was more variety and spice.

Those are just my thoughts anyway.

What do you think?

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