Smallville Season 6 – Wow Lex

Season six! We’re finally here!

In terms of character development this season was a turning point for many characters. Lana, Lex, Lois and Chloe, Clark. Actually all of them grew in ways that would change them forever.

Spoilers are everywhere!!!


Let’s start with,


Oh Lex. He was one of the best TV villains. It was so sad because you saw that he didn’t have to choose that path but he kept making wrong choices. And now here we are in season six and he’s fully embraced the dark side. So many times I just sat there like, “Wow Lex, that’s cold.”

It was interesting to see his relationship with Ollie and their dynamic. Ollie’s character was an interesting addition to the show. Green Arrow is DC but looking back I’m surprised they chose him. It worked really well though but I’ll talk about Ollie later.

We start the season thinking he’s super committed to Lana, and he is, but as the season progresses cracks begin to show. It’s kind of a twisted love and he keeps testing her. He asks her to trust him and yet he doesn’t trust her. And what was with the sinister music?! They’d be talking and the music wouldn’t match, and I’d be watching thinking, “Is someone about to break into the mansion?” It says a lot about their romance that that music was their backing.

The worst thing he does by far is the fake pregnancy. Who does that to someone? How did he even think of it? It was so cold how he played with her emotions like that. I kind of wonder, does he know what love is anymore?

Then there’s 33.1. He’s doing it for freedom and democracy he says, HA! Sometimes I think Lex believes he’s own lies. What he did to all those men, to Wes. Chloe was right Lex was approaching black.


My girl Lana. She goes through a lot this season. I don’t like character that much but when we find out the pregnancy was fake and that Lex manipulated her. I felt so bad. That was the moment I really felt for Lana and started to understand her. I honestly forgot the fake pregnancy storyline so watching it again I was shocked again. (Actually I’m starting to think I didn’t watch season six properly before).

Apart from that Lana is a really bad detective. Isn’t it obvious what Clark is? Is it physical proof she wants? She wants him to tell her? Too bad she doesn’t know what happened the last time he did or she’d understand. Plus she hasn’t been acting trust worthy this season so I wouldn’t tell her neither.

But finally, FINALLY, she finds out Clark’s secret this season. *Happy Dance*. She can now stop with the questions and the drama, whoooo!! She knows and eventually Clark knows she knows. It’s out in the open!

Lana’s hardened personality comes out this season too thanks to Lex. At first she’s all happy and swallowing the Kool Aid but then she starts to wake up and smell the coffee. Her trust radar has been broken and so I think this season is her learning who her friends are and who are enemies are.

She learns valuable lessons.

I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed her revenge side.

That’s it for the dark twins.


My girl Chloe! Chloe and Clark are a well oiled machine. He trusts her and she trusts him. Even when that phantom zone blob was messing with Clark’s head imaginary Chloe didn’t betray him. That’s friendship.

And she finally gets a love interest! Jimmy! They are so cute! Jimmy kind of annoys me with the way he talks sometimes but he is so perfect for Chloe. I’m glad she’s moved past the mooning for Clark stage.

Clark does manage to come between them but by accident. She’s so loyal she won’t even tell her boyfriend Clark’s secret. But thankfully their breakup was short lived.

In Episode eleven we get our first WatchTower moment! I think it’s so cool how they made Chloe WatchTower. It was a genius idea really and I love it. We find out she’s meteor infected this season and I honestly did think, like Chloe, that her ability was going to be computer related. But it wasn’t it was healing. Or something very Tangled esque. It was so beautiful how she saved Lois.

It was kind of poetic justice that she turned out to be a ‘meteor freak’ given the hard time she gave them. I don’t know why they were so worried though, there were good meteor infected people! Come on guys!

We got to see more story lines centred around Chloe, one being the one about her mother. It was nice that we got to explore that relationship. It gave Chloe more depth and tied up loose ends.

She does get caught up in the middle of Clark and Lana. That was awkward for Chloe. Like dang Lana, let it go (and she finally will because she knows!!!).

Introducing Oliver Green!

He moves to Metropolis from Star City ayyy! I like the shout out they give to Star City. I like how Ollie is also an established hero when he moves to Metropolis. He has his own identity and is different from Clark and I like that. He introduces an new point of view and challenges Clark in ways others haven’t been able to. He helps Clark become a better hero and vice versa.

He is a bit of a dick when he first shows up though, but it works for his business and when dealing with Lex. I like that they made it so he went to boarding school with Lex. He was a dick at school but it’s interesting how Ollie turned his life around for the better and learned from his mistakes. But Lex just got worse.

I like his humour and the humour of the show. Like how they had Ollie dress up as Robin Hood and Lois as Maid Marion. Speaking of Lois I like how he challenges her black and white mentality. He calls her out on her judge first and ask later mentality and thank goodness! Lois needed that.

He brings together the Justice League! Yay!

Introducing Jimmy Olsen

He’s the only character on this show who has self preservation and common sense. I swear everyone else runs to crazy situations whilst Jimmy is like, “Y’all are crazy, bye!” I’m with Jimmy. I wouldn’t do half the stuff Chloe and Lois do. I swear they’re blessed.

He calls Clark C.K.! I loved that addition.

He does have his own reckless moment when he was trying to prove himself as a reporter. He almost dies and almost becomes jobless. Tut tut Jimmy, stick to being the voice of reason.

He does get insecure over Clark and it’s understandable. From the outside Chloe’s and Clark’s relationship is hard to understand. I’m glad Clark helps him get over it.

He’s pretty sharp as well. I figure if he had been from Smallville he would have figured out Clark’s secret in season one. I mean in the film noir episode he is the one to solve the riddle. No one listens to him but I was, I knew he’d figure it out.

He’s also the first Clois shipper. Ayy I see you Jimmy! You see he was smart, predicting things before they even happened. But then again it could have just been the show runners.

Overall Jimmy’s introduction was seamless and the actor was perfect.

Β  Lois

She remembers being in the fortress but remembers it as heaven, so sweet. She gets the journalism bug in episode two, Sneeze. She’s bad at spelling and she’s working for a tabloid but it’s a start. She finally found a path.

There are interesting parallels between Lois and Ollie and Lana and Lex. It’s like light and dark. Speaking of Ollie she’s cute with him. Her first functional, long lasting relationship on the show. I’m glad they let it play out although it was annoying when their sexy time kept getting interrupted.

It’s interesting to see no grey area Lois be challenged and to see her change. She actually accepts the idea of Ollie being Green Arrow because of love. They quickly blow her off the scent but still when she was on it, she ended up not being mad.

They do end up breaking up though as being a hero is a higher priority than having a relationship, at least to Ollie. I feel that Lois knew that even if she didn’t know he was a hero. Ollie wasn’t ready. To be honest neither was Lois. I mean she wasn’t ready to date a hero yet.

My favourite thing about Lois is that she can fight. I love that they keep that characteristic and give her chances to kick butt. *Dances* Go Lois!


In this season his destiny is finally his own. He has no father to guide him and he finally accepts who is and what he is. It’s a turning point and it helps him do his ‘job’ better. It’s cool that we find out he was sent to save Earth not to destroy it. I’m so glad we met Rhia.

He finally realises that Jor El wasn’t all bad either, like thank goodness. I know he had his moments but Jor El wasn’t a monster. The fortress is dead though this season so we don’t get much of Jor El, we do however get the phantom zone du du duuuuuh!

Clark’s relationship with Lex is straight up bad this season. They do have a heart to heart in episode nineteen and it’s funny that Clark was Lex’s only real friend. It’s kind of sad. In this season he’s banned from the mansion so no more dramatic entrances from Clark. Shame. He sneaks a few in there though yay!

Also did you see that hesitation when saving Lex from Chloe’s bullet? Ooh, he really thought about it.

Have you noticed that the women who vibe with Clark are always weird? Speaking of romance Clark doesn’t get any, excluding the red K episode. He’s full of Lana blues *yawn*. But fine, I’ll allow it, they only broke up last season and he did really love her. Their love is so tragic though, I kind of wish they’d stop dragging out the heartache.

His friendship with Chloe is as strong as ever as I’ve mentioned. He does get jealous at first because Jimmy is kind of taking his best friend away but thankfully he gets over it. Let the girl date!

Clark needs to learn how to fight. He’s getting better and he does have epic fights in this season but he also gets his ass handed to him. Also why does he only use one power at a time when fighting? He has speed, strength, heat vision, super breath and x ray, my days Clark use all those powers!

But maybe he’d be too powerful if he did and the fights would be over in seconds. Yeeah, leveled up Clark would finish them all.

Clois moments:-

  • Hand hold in episode one, that was cute and fleeting awwww.
  • Ollie, funnily enough, calls out their sexual tension in episode four. You’re right Ollie! We saw it too! They deny it but it’s there.
  • Their first kiss when Clark was pretending to be Ollie in episode ten. Ooh it blew Lois’ mind and Clark’s. Ayy!
  • Red Krytonite Lois and Clark were fun in episode thirteen. As Martha said red K only lowers Clark’s inhibitions, it doesn’t actually make him do anything. So somewhere deep inside he wants Lois. But he’s too blinded by the Lana blues.


  • Lucas Grabeel in episode five as young Lex. I know Lucas from High School Musical.
  • Chifton Murray in episode five. I know him from She’s the Man.
  • Bow Wow in episode six.
  • Brandon Jay McLaren in episode six as well. They kill him real quick though. I know him from She’s the Man and Power Rangers.
  • Dave Batista in episode eight.
  • Tyler Posey (he was so young!) in episode nine.
  • Bart, Cyborg and A.C. also return.

New Power!

Super breath! Although it’s not really new when you think about it. He could always do it but he never thought to because he had never gotten sick and sneezed before. It’s a shame Jonathan is gone. He was the best at helping him hon his skills.


  • Double identity down in episode four.
  • Justice League and his future involvement in episode four.
  • Lois’ “I don’t share bylines” but girl you will!
  • He’s called Man of Steel for the first time I think in episode seventeen
  • Clark and hope in episode nineteen
  • His double identity in Jimmy’s ‘dream’ in episode twenty. The way he switched it up from bumbling Clark to suave Clark. Suave Clark is so sexy!


That is all for the characters, until season seven!


Ps: I forgot to do my explosions and cars count 😦 And there were so many!

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