Learning Languages Chronicles: Korean dreams ft Vixx

So I’ve been learning Korean and it’s been slow. There are things I find hard and things I find easy but I shall talk about that more in another blog post.

So twice I have had a dream with Vixx in and with me speaking Korean to them. It was so weird! Why Vixx? Has my brain been missing Vixx or something?

And furthermore I don’t even notice I’m speaking Korean, rather well, until I wake up and I’m like, “Wait, I don’t speak Korean!”.

At least my language learning is paying off, it’s seeping into my dreams. That’s when you know you’re on the right track folks, if you start to dream in the language that you’re studying.

Also my mom was in one of the dreams and I translated for her, I translated! Dream Gift is upping her game.

My dreams were also realistic, I wasn’t mad fluent, it was an honest portrayal of how I would be if I spoke Korean.

Anyway, that is all.

Have you had a similar experience with any languages you’re learning?

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