Appreciating Spica

So I found out that Spica officially disbanded early this year and I was so disappointed. They were so underrated and it bugged me. They had personality and they could sing, like really sing.

I don’t think there’s a song of theirs that I don’t like. I was looking forward to their comeback but I guess that’s not going to happen.

They were my favourite Korean girl group (after 2ne1) so I thought I’d do a post about my favourite Spica title songs.


I feel this song appeals to anyone who appreciates good music. It has a great tempo and powerful vocals. The lyrics are sound and even if you don’t speak Korean you’ll find yourself singing along.

Music video wise it’s very artsy and it gave me a bohemian feel. It’s warm and it draws you in. Watching it you feel like Spica is friendly, warm and relatable.

Honestly this song and music video best shows you what and who Spica were. For any new fans I would have definitely recommended this song.

You Don’t Love Me

Ah, the break up song, every group needs  one.

This song is for all those who have been burned in love. For those who have dated a real jerk who claimed to love you but in the end when you looked back on the relationship you realised he didn’t. Yep, let all your frustration out as you belt out this song.

It’s a good song to get your emotions out to. I’m not saying I’ve been in this situation but I  do enjoy singing along. It’s a good song.


Reading the title of this song I thought it would be sad and sappy and slow. But then listening to it it was surprisingly upbeat. Spica could turn any emotion into a musical hit.

The lyrics also get really real, I would suggest also looking up the translation. Wow Spica.

I’ll Be There 

For those of us in love with the 90’s this is the song for us.

It’s retro, cute and colourful. This was a young Spica and they were so cute! It’s a bit weird for me to say that but they were looking back. This song is carefree and joyful and they really reflected that in their music video.

The sentiments of the song are also nice. If you can resist dancing to this song I don’t know who you are.


So there you have it, my favourite title songs. They’ve disbanded but they will always be one of my favourite girl groups.


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