Don’t be a Francine

I watched an episode of Arthur where Francine kept her anger in. Things would annoy her throughout the episode but she didn’t want to lash out so she’d keep it in and just carry on. Things kept piling up and piling up till at the end of the episode she exploded and it was terrible! Her sister then told her it’s okay to get angry from time to time. Holding in your anger is worse as in the end you blow up like a dormant volcano. Whereas if you let out your anger as it comes the impact isn’t as bad and it’s healthier.

I listened to this episode and I really related to it as a kid, as I was like Francine. I thought I’d learnt my lesson back then but I’ve learnt that I haven’t. I still tend to bottle it in until something happens that just causes me to explode and to lash out at the wrong person. The very thing I was avoiding happens.

Then God brought back to my mind Francine and I was like, “Oh”.

It’s not good to bottle things in take it from me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m so polite or what but it’s a hard habit to break. I’m trying but yes, it’s hard.

It’s healthier to let out your anger. If someone annoys you tell them. If someone hurts you tell them. Sort out your grievances instead of letting them fester. By keeping it to yourself the problems become worse and then miscommunications can arise and relationships can be damaged.

Your feelings matter too. We don’t always feel nice emotions. There are unpleasant ones too and they’re there for a reason. Feel them, deal with them and then move on. You’ll be better for it.

That is all,

I hope that helps anyone who also struggles with bottling up emotions, especially anger.


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