Planet Earth 1 and 2: Global Warming is real

I’ve been watching Planet Earth 1 and 2. I love nature documentaries, this isn’t news, and I always learn something new.

Also this has been one of the worst hurricane and natural disaster seasons to date. Things are happening in the world that are both biblical and scientific.

So I wanted to talk about them, the issues and global warming.

Let’s dive in!

Planet Earth 1 and 2

Planet Earth, the original series that was released in 2006, took us on a journey. We took an in-depth look at the planet that we live on and it was epic! The cinematography. David Attenborough and the behind the scenes, it was all magical. I learned so much watching it recently.

But it was also sad, the episode about the Poles for example. The polar bear swam for ages as the ice was melting and so was his hunting ground. He swam and swam until he eventually found land. Yay right? Wrong! The land was populated by Walrus’s and they weren’t going to let him eat them (duh), one of them stabbed him in fact. And so that polar probably died of starvation. Polar bears don’t usually hunt walrus’s but he was so hungry he had to try.

The Arctic where polar bears live is made of ice and is surrounded by land. The Arctic is not land. It’s just one big ice palace. It is surrounded by land like Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Russia … you get the picture. Antarctica is land surrounded by ice. So if the planet keeps heating up the Arctic will melt away and be no more. And I know I was not the only one who watched The Day After Tomorrow.

Planet Earth II was an update of the original series. It wasn’t as long and that was a shame. They introduced a new habitat, cities! Some animals are adapting well, like some monkeys in India and surprisingly leopards too. There are also hyenas thriving and birds of prey in places like New York. That’s good news but they’re a minority.

The saddest moment for me was watching baby sea turtles being confused by the bright city lights. They use the moon to guide them to the sea. But the bright lights confused them and so they went in the opposite direction and ended up dying. Thankfully not all of them but a large number. Buut there are efforts being made to help the sea turtle hatchlings make it to the sea.

I liked Planet Earth II as it talked about how we could help our environment in modern times. Singapore has been doing great work to introduce nature to the cities. There is a lot that we could do to help our wildlife and plants, even in your own back garden you could help the bees. Even if you live in an apartment you can still plant flowers in those window sill pots.

You can’t ignore science

Have y’all not watched The Day After Tomorrow? Since when have people not listened to science. You can listen to theories but you can’t listen to fact? I don’t get it. Our teacher made us watch that movie in science as we were studying global warming. That lesson stuck with me forever because it showed me the real effects of global warming (granted it will take a while to get to that point).

And I’m religious but I still believe in science. Science doesn’t erase God as in my point of view God is in everything. Plus as Christians weren’t we supposed to look after the planet and not destroy it? Aren’t we supposed to look after living creatures and not destroy their habbitats?

Science is real, it’s tangible and the evidence is right there in front of our eyes.

It’s happening!

You can feel the planet getting warmer. Each year something changes. We are getting more and more natural disasters.

We’ve seen the waste in the oceans, we’ve seen the numbers of certain animals dropping. We’ve seen many pictures of polar bears swimming as their home melts away more and more each year.

It’s real and if you but look you can see it too.

For those of you who see the effects and are doing your best to help, thank you! It’s good that you’re doing something and that you acknowledge the problem. I respect you and keep up the good work.

I don’t know how to end this but thanks for reading and I hope you will do something about this real problem. Recycling, conserving energy, being less wasteful and spreading the knowledge to people who have their eyes closed. Even the little things can help in the long run.

That is all,


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