Nature and God

Watching Planet Earth really showed me the amazing power of God.

Have you watched it? There were so many things that I did not know! Like the ocean is just one big expanse of nothing. The animals that live there have to continuously swim to find their food. There are special places where there is always food but the predators don’t permanently live there.

That was so fascinating to me! I don’t know what I thought the ocean was like but I didn’t think it was like that.

The shallow seas, the islands, the forests, the jungles, the poles, the grasslands (did you know there was grass in the sea? Have you heard of shark bay in Western Australia? Check it out!) and penguins!

Penguins are fast becoming a favourite. They are tough creatures man. They live in the roughest parts of the world, in terms of ocean and cold, and they survive. They look so cute but they’re warriors.

And Nubian Ibexes have you seen their voodoo? Okay, it’s not voodoo… it’s the opposite. They’re blessed. The way they can live on cliff faces amazes me. They were running up and down them like it was a playground!

And humans, humans are everywhere! We can survive in the hot places, the cold places, the high places and the flat lands. We can adapt to anything and that’s amazing.

When I watch nature programmes it really shows me how amazing God is. He created everything so intelligently. Animals don’t even need to be told, from when they are born they know what to do and where to go, look at the sea turtles. The verses from Matthew 6: 25 -34 are so true. God does look after nature and animals. We need not worry. He’s got us all!

God is good!

God is the ultimate creator!

Happy Sabbath 😀

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