BTS – Go Go

I thought I wouldn’t like this album but oh I was wrong! I think I am going to LOVE this album! It is right up my alley and the song to impress me the most so far is Go Go.

Of course I like the title song DNA! Like Cortney said (from 2minjinkjongkey on YouTube, check out their reactions they’re hilarious, I’ve loved them for years) it’s nice to get a title song that’s not depressing and that is bright and colourful. I liked the emotional songs, don’t get me wrong, but I also missed bubbly BTS.

I’m quite surprised actually as from their teasers I thought the MV would be a little darker or emotional. But perhaps that’s in the album. I have a confession, I haven’t listened to the whole album yet as I’m broke. Buuut I’ve watched all the performances so far.

So on with the main subject of this post, Go Go. Y’all, this song is my JAM! I love it! The beat got to me, it started and I was like, “Yes, just yes!” I then read the comments and I realised I hadn’t been paying attention as I had been dancing along with them. Oops… So of course I had to watch it two, three more times.

This kind of song is so my style, it’s bumping and the dancing is relaxed and yet still slays me. Just yes to everything! And I don’t like the whole YOLO thing but they still had me singing along  like,

Yolo yolo yolo yo
Yolo yolo yo
탕진잼 탕진잼 탕진잼!

I also checked out the lyrics and wow this really is my song! Earning money to spend it, squandering it on fun or food. That is me, it is to food that my money goes. (Obvs there is responsible stuff I pay for but omd if that was all I did … it’d be depressing. Like why am I earning money for? Surely it should go to something that I like too and not just the bills. This edit comes after closer inspection of the lyrics and reading other fans comments and also because I don’t want to paint the wrong picture).

The song also says to stop worrying, worrying about money does nothing. Live your life boo boo! Do your best and try not to worry so much! (On a Christian note it also goes with Matthew 6: 25 -34 in the sense of not worrying about tomorrow but focusing on today … and I just wrote a post on that! It’s fate!).

Check out the song!

That is all,



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