Hidden Gem: BTS – Pied Piper

Heey, guess what? I’m finally caught up with all things BTS! I got the new album because I’m living that 고민보다 go life and I like it. It’s a real good album, the tracks are bumping and they flow. They had a song with Chainsmokers y’all! I’m so proud of them.

So from my last blog you know that 고민보다 go is my favourite song on this album. This did not change when I listened to the album. I still love it the most! lol But I did find another favourite and that is Pied Piper.

Musically it is my jam. I like songs with that kind of beat and melody. The causal flow of it, the subtle bass and the way their voices sounded (particularly the V part *faints* and the chorus!). It was easy and I don’t know is it just me or was it sexy? I find songs like this so sexy or sultry. If you read my other hidden gems you may have already figured this out.

I first listened to the album on the train and when this track came on I was like, “Pause, what is this sexy music flowing into my ears?” Yes. It’s up there with 고민보다 go. 

Lyrically though … I don’t know. I have mixed feelings. I feel so called out! I checked what the lyrics were for all the songs but for this one in particular because of the title and because of the little things I understood here and there.

They understand us fans so well. I sat there reading the lyrics like, “Well dang! How did they know and why do I feel chastised?” However as other fans pointed out it was nice that they cared enough to be like, “Thank you for your hard work and support but look after yourselves too”.

I wouldn’t say I’m the kind of fan who neglects everything for my favourite group but when I like something I like it wholeheartedly and there have been times where I’ve just been like, “You know what, sure I should read or be productive but I just wanna watch BTS”. So when it comes to BTS I do follow them more than others.

So after the lyrics it’s still my favourite song. I just find it kind of ironic that I keep playing and playing it given the message.

Other songs I recommend on the album: Dimple (isn’t this song ironic too? It was about a girl but I kept thinking about Rap Mon and his dimples. Also it was like I had written that song, I love dimples!) and Best of Me (Chainsmokers!).

The thing I like the most about BTS is that I can relate to them. The struggles I go through, the thoughts I have as a young person they get it as they’re there too. I like that their music is real.

That is it for now,

until next time!

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