Life as We Know it

This film kept popping up on Netflix but I resisted watching it because I wasn’t sure I would like it. And then when I was ready it disappeared off Netflix! But then it came on TV one Sunday (I think it was a Sunday) night and I was like, “Yes! It’s fate!” and I finally watched it.

Here are my thoughts and yes spoilers ahead because it’s an old movie. (If you haven’t watched it, watch it!).

I liked it.

It was cute and explored a concept I’ve sometimes thought about. That whole concept of godparents, do they actually look after your kids if the absolute worst thing happens and you die? In this movie they did and it was an experience.

I didn’t expect them to introduce us to the parents, Peter and Allison. I thought the movie would start with them dying but no they gave us context and character development and friendship. I was so sad! I sat there watching it like, “Oh crap they’re going to die.” And they did and it was indeed sad. But it was also well done. This way we were emotionally invested and we actually went on a journey of growth with the characters, especially Holly and Messer.

Sophie was adorable but that’s not news (fun fact: she was played by triplets!).

I like how Holly and Messer’s love developed naturally. Everything in this movie felt natural and not forced. That awful first date before all the mess happened in the movie was great and real. Then their bicker relationship was great and then after their friends died and they had to look after their baby their development was realistic.

Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel were a good pair. Their chemistry was effortless.

There were struggles and they had big questions to answer and you kind of saw what the adoption process was like.

It was humourous and light hearted. All in all a good movie, that makes you laugh and makes you think.

I would give it a five out of five.

Till next time,


Ps: the support characters were highlarious! Especially Melissa McCarthy.

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