How does my face change?

I’m back with a random musings post!

Have you ever had those moments where your face changes? Like say for example you wake up everyday and you see your face and you look how you’ve always looked. Then one day you wake up, you go to wash your face and as you look in the mirror it’s like something has changed. Or rather your perspective has changed and you see something new.

Isn’t that freaky?

Or how about when someone takes a picture of you and it captures a side of you never captured before. Or you take a selfie from a different angle and suddenly you’re looking like your Auntie (this has happened to me).

Am I the only one this happens to? I don’t think so, so I thought I’d ask. It’s honestly so weird and it just got me thinking about my face. I kind of wish I knew how people saw me and what they saw when they looked at my face.

When I was younger my friends used to say I looked like Tia and Tamera or Tracee Ellis Ross. I didn’t really see it, I still don’t, except that we all have big eyes.

I’ve even noticed the face changing thing with friends, family and celebrities. Sometimes it’s because of make up or sometimes I see them smile in a different way and with celebrities angles. One time my friend took off her glasses and she looked so different it was weird. That was the only time I understood how Superman fooled people.

Anyway that’s the end to my randomness.

Do you ever have those moments? Do you know what I’m talking about?

Ps: I haven’t been posting of late as I’m doing a Masters (Why!) and so that’s been keeping me busy (cries on the inside). The first semester is done so I have a little free time to write. Also tbh this semester was packed with most of my modules so next semester won’t be as bad (she hopes and prays).

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