Hidden Gem: BTS – Lost

Hello, yes it’s another BTS post but hey can you blame me? I finally was able to get the album!

I like Wings, there were many good songs on the album. I loved the solos, it was great to see each one of them shine in their own style. Jin’s Awake is beautiful. I like Jimin’s style with Lie, it’s close to mine. Jungkook did good with Begin, it’s fresh and understated. Taehyung’s Stigma is beautiful, jazzy and just the best for his deep, sultry voice. Jhope’s Mama is fun and upbeat, Suga’s First Love is grand and moving and Rap Mon’s Reflection is deep. They all did well and I recommend checking out the album if you have not already.

Lost is the vocalists song and it caught me off guard. No one told me about the song so I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did but it fast became my favourite on the album. It’s chill, melodic and builds to have a pretty good beat.

So on a musical level it sings to me. I love it! Their voices blend together so well, honestly they need to do more and more songs together as a unit.

Lyrics wise I could definitely relate. Losing your way, not being sure on what path to take, adulting, man they spoke to me! All these things are hard and sometimes it does feel like you’ve lost your way and you’re not sure which path to take.

V’s line spoke to me the most:

난 너무 어려운 걸
이 길이 맞는지?

This is too hard,
is this path right for me?

But then I like how they end it on a positive note:

So long
기약 없는 희망이여 이젠 안녕
So long
좀 느려도 내 발로 걷겠어
이 길이 분명 나의 길이니까
돌아가도 언젠가 닿을 테니까
I never I will never
I will never lose my dream

So long
Goodbye to my hope with no promise
So long
Even if I’m slow I will walk with my own feet
Because I know this path is mine to take
Even if I go back, I will reach this path eventually
I never I will never
I will never lose my dream

They address the despair but then give hope. I like that about BTS.

So there you go, another song to add on the growing list of my recommendations.


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