Let’s Talk About Dharma and Greg

So I used to love this programme until I took the time to watch from Season 1 to Season 5.

Originally I had watched it sporadically (thanks Clueless). It was funny and original and I liked how a couple so different could be together and how they made it work. It was an interesting concept, meeting someone once and deciding to get married. It’s that whole argument about love at first sight right? They really took a leap of faith and I liked that.

The show explored how they really knew nothing about each other or each others lives. They explored how the couple compromised and tried to make it work. It was funny their world’s colliding  so at first I liked it.

But then as the seasons progressed I started to get annoyed. Nothing changed, they kept running into the same problems.

First of all Dharma’s parents. For hippies they were so close minded. They were so judgey. They wouldn’t let Greg’s parents live their own lives and they were always so sure their way was the right way. The most progressive parent was Greg’s dad Edward. He actually accepted Dharma for who she was and he showed the most growth. Even Kitty was more flexible than Abby and Larry and that’s saying something.

Then I didn’t like how in the show Dharma was the only one who changed. In Grease Sandy changed but so did Danny. He lost his leather and jocked out for Sandy, even wearing a cardigan and deciding to be a “good boy” at the end of the movie because he loved her. But Greg never changes. He remains stuck and just won’t compromise the way that Dharma does, to the point where Dharma kind of loses herself.

But Dharma isn’t so innocent, she cheated on Greg and that was not fair. She was so jealous of his ex and yet she went and did that? Knowing how it would make him feel?

By the end of the series I was just watching it to find out how the story concluded. It lost something in Season 5. The lack of growth in the characters made the show boring and repetitive. I was disappointed as when I started the show I had had high hopes.

So really I wish they had tackled the story better. That there had been growth and that new themes would have been explored with each season instead of the same old same old. I also wish Greg had compromised and not just Dharma. I mean he did go through that hippie free phase but that’s all it was, a phase.

Anyway that is all,

What did you think about the show?

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