When You Make Healthy Habits

I wouldn’t say that I’m completely healthy. I’m average but even my average self has noticed some changes and I thought I’d share them with you.


I used to be able to do all nighters, to survive on only six hours or three hours sleep but not anymore. If I don’t get a good night’s sleep the next day I feel like death. Is this what being healthy and responsible feels like?

I can no longer live the student’s life style, can you believe this? I’m still a late sleeper but I have to make sure I get at least seven hours sleep. I never thought this would happen to me but it has alas it has.


I’m not so surprised at this. I’ve always liked exercise. I did wonder however how I would handle going to the gym every week. People would always talk about how hard it was to be regular but honestly I didn’t find it hard at all.

It’s now so much a part of my routine that I have to go to the gym. I enjoy it and it feels good to exercise and to pump iron. Terry Crews was right, if you make the gym a positive space and a part of your routine it’s not hard.


I was not good at drinking water and I’m still not 100% good. But water is now a part of my life. It’s like the gym, I kept drinking it regularly that it became a part of my routine. I started drinking water regularly as since I don’t wear make-up I wanted to have good skin and drinking water gives you that.

But I knew I had become a part of the healthy living crew when I started to crave water, yes crave it! Instead of juice or whatever I wanted water. A glass of cold water tastes so good now! And I ain’t a water snob, it don’t matter if it’s out of a tap or a bottle it tastes good and refreshing.

I can’t even drink fizzy drinks anymore. If I do I feel like my body needs water to cleanse the unhealthy fizzy drink out of my system.

Junk Food

I’ve stopped eating junk food to the point where now if I have a cheat day and eat junk food my stomach is like, “Why? Why did you do this to me?”

So now I prefer healthy junk food. Like food that isn’t 100% healthy but it isn’t just awful and bad for you. You know there are restaurants that make burgers but the burgers that are healthy, like if Jamie Oliver made you a burger. That’s the kind of junk food I like now.


So yeah that’s how my healthy journey has changed me. Some of these changes were by accident *ahem* sleep *ahem*. I still have a way to go and it shall be interesting to see how much more I change.

That is all,

tah tah!

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