The Holiday – A Break is Good

So I watched this movie again a while back over the Christmas holiday with my mom. It came on TV and I remembered liking it so I decided to watch it, and my mom got sucked in. I was going to write a post then but then I lost inspiration so I deleted it but it stayed in trash as I didn’t have the heart to permanently delete it.

Today I saw it and finally had an idea of what to write!

So the thing that struck me the most about the film was how much the two characters needed a break. They both had hard things in their lives that they needed a break from. The movie mainly focuses on the romance side of it but honestly I thought it was deeper than that.

Take Amanda for example, she was a workaholic. She didn’t know how to take a break! It’s good to work hard for your dreams and to achieve your dreams but is it good to do it in exchange for your health? No, with everything there needs to be a balance. Amanda owned her business so she had people working for her, she could delegate, she could take a short holiday, everything didn’t need to be about work. So watching the film I was glad that she took the break to England because she got to just be and not think about work. It was a struggle getting her to relax but when she finally did I was happy, like “Phew she won’t die from a heart attack!”

Iris on the other hand needed a break from a toxic environment. I don’t get the relationship she had with Jasper. It was toxic and he was using her. And then he had the nerve to follow her to California?! I liked that through her break she saw how toxic it was and how much better her life could be without him in it. She also finally saw his true colours. She got to see what good men were like through Miles and Arthur, and the right way to be treated.

So through both characters I saw how they needed to take a break from their lives to truly understand their lives and to see what was wrong and how to change it. I think it’s a message for workaholics as well. It’s good to work but it’s also good to rest.

Those are my thoughts, what did you think of the film?

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