When Harry Met Sally – Can men and women just be friends?

So I recently watched When Harry Met Sally and it was an interesting movie to say the least. The secondary characters were as good as the leads and I liked how honest friendship developed into love.

But Harry brought up a good point, can men and women just be friends? His argument was no, they can’t as the guy will always be down for sex. And Sally was like no, men and women can be friends and nothing more.

What do you think?

I think that men and women can’t be friends. In my experience anyway. I used to think that if the boundaries were set or if you were both on the same page then there’d be no problems. But I’ve had childhood friends, guy friends and church friends confess to liking me and I was so confused… in my head I’d be like, “Weren’t we friends?”

I was also talking about this recently with a friend of mine and she’s had the same experience. So is there anyone out there who thinks this friendship thing can work?

So far for me it has only worked with relatives and people who are already in a relationship and who treat me like a sister.

What are your experiences?

Other than that it was a good movie. I like how they weren’t the traditional hot guy falls in love with type A woman. I mean she was a bit type A but not much. She was interesting and they were both messed up in their own ways (she held in her emotions too much and he was “dark”). It took a while for their relationship to mature and I enjoyed that.

I give the movie a four out of five.

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