My Best Friend’s Wedding – He’s Mine!

I really didn’t want to watch this movie but it kept popping up everywhere so I just gave in. I had a feeling I wouldn’t like it but then I thought, “Hey it might surprise me, I should give it a chance!” and so I did.


So what did I think about the movie?

It was interesting. The premise is her, Julianne’s, best friend, Michael, is getting married and she can’t stand the thought of it as he’s meant to be hers and so she decides to ruin the wedding so that he can be with her instead. Does this sound familiar? Yes? No?

Well it did to me, it totally reminded me of Maid of Honor except reversed! Thankfully the ending is better than Maid of Honor‘s, I’m still convinced Dempsey’s character didn’t truly love her.

Anyway, back to My Best Friend’s Wedding. It’s kind of funny, now that I think about it. Some of the schemes she came up with were plain ridiculous. My favourite was when she used George as her pretend fiance only George was gay and so he had fun with the whole situation. If I was in that movie, I’d be George.

But then other schemes she came up with were plain mean, the email for example. To be fair to her she didn’t actually send it but when it was sent she didn’t confess to her crime. Instead she really was going to let them break up. That was too underhand.

Julianne was so catty, it was like she was a spoilt child. Or just a mean girl. The only thing I liked about her was that at least she was honest with herself, it wasn’t always completely about how she loved her best friend but also about how she wanted to win.

I liked Kimmy’s character though, it was nice that the movie actually made her likable and that the main couple were actually in love.

I hated how in Maid of Honor he suddenly realised he was madly in love with her when he was about to lose her. It really pissed me off, like are you for real? And she threw away a good relationship for that player?

So I like that Michael actually turned Julianne down and stood by his genuine love for Kimmy. I like that Kimmy fought for him and I like that they didn’t sugar coat Julianne’s behaviour and showed it for what it was, vile.

So in the end I’d give it a three out of five. It was a good story, it was honest but just not my cup of tea.

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