The Best Anime Openings

I haven’t written about anime in a while and I feel like that’s a low key crime on my part. A crime I tell you!

So here I am, ready to share my favourite anime openings. Now I have a limited list as I take a long time to finish a series and I prefer to read manga, so sorry the list isn’t as extensive or more various. The openings are still awesome though so it may a bit of nostalgia for you my fellow anime fans.


I have one favourite opening to Naruto and that’s the second opening. It is so good! Listening to it brought back so many memories. One for example, my little-sort-of-baby cousin was crying and she was reaching new levels of sound, I happened to be watching Naruto at the time so I just sang along to the intro and danced a bit as I held her, and it calmed her right down!

It is also the opening to one of my favourite arcs of Naruto, the chunin exams. We got to meet so many new characters from different villages, they were oh so mysterious. There were evil plots happening here and there *ahem* Orochimaru *ahem*, and really it’s the last moment in Naruto before everything got crazy and Sasuke left.

The song is by Asian Kung-Fu Generation and is called Haruka Kanata. I suggest listening to it on it’s own, it’s a good song and the ending takes a nice turn. The mv is interesting .. am I the only one who gets worried when bands play in the rain?


So for Bleach I have two favourites. The first is the more chill Bleach Opening Two. This one is chill, calm and melodic. I enjoy listening to it and slightly bobbing along. I also enjoy the opening sequence, the fights between the soul reapers and Ichigo and co. It’s styled so perfectly, and half the fights don’t actually happen in the arc, so it’s fun to watch.

My second favourite is Bleach Opening Three. This is my jam! And another favourite of my little-not-a-baby-anymore-but-a-toddler-sort-of cousin. I’d play this and we’d both be jamming. Can someone tell me who the band is and the song? I could hug them it’s so good. The opening makes the characters look so cool, I mean if I had such an opening for my life I’d look like a badass. I love how it shows the abilities of the captains, especially Yamamoto, the fire surrounding him is beautiful *happy sigh*…  yeah I said beautiful!

Plus I like how the opening shows the good vs the evil, the undercurrent turmoil that’s boiling. You see that best when Ichigo turns into his Hollow self and the ending scene with the butterfly and the disturbing hollow arms reaching.

If only they had carried on with the anime Bleach, I liked the manga and I finished it (I have multiple posts on that) but I loved the anime too. I feel like they could do so much with it, they barely scratched the surface! Anyway moving on.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

I guess I’m putting this in here purely for nostalgia. I was so into this anime when I was younger it is unreal. I was so emotionally invested that by season four I was gunning for the fire lord myself. I remember worrying, “Will they ever defeat him? How will they defeat him? Aang doesn’t kill.” When you look back and watch Avatar are you ever struck by how dark some subject matter was and how young they were? As a kid I didn’t look deeply into it all the time but when I was older I was like, “Wow!” I’m still mad the air benders were snuck up on like that *side eye*.

The intro stuck with the series from season one to four and you know what, Aang did save the world! So I couldn’t not include it on this list.

Also who else tried to do the martial arts when Katara would say the elements?

One Piece

Last but not least is One Piece, and my favourite opening is the 4kids one (Yo ho ho he took a bite of gum gum XD). Now I know people did not like this dubb but I don’t care! As a kid I loved it! Although I am now team sub there was a time I watched only dubs and this is my favourite opening from that time.

I haven’t had a chance to watch One Piece now, I’m caught up with the manga but not so much the anime.

I love this opening because it’s catchy, fun and so cool! I love that it’s basically a rap and borderline silly at times. It’s just so much fun!! How can you not love it?

I used to look forward to watching the show more for the opening at one point because it was so addictive, and like the opening One Piece was so fun in the beginning that it quickly became my favourite (and still is). Also it was a handy way to introduce all the characters.

Am I the only one who knows the whole rap? *looks around* Just me?


So that’s my list of favourite anime openings, I shall continue to watch anime and come back with another list when I have accumulated enough.

I shall also do a list of my favourite anime closings, there are some real sentimental ones out there *my chest*. lol. Anyway that is all for now!

Feel free to share your favourite anime openings!

3 thoughts on “The Best Anime Openings

  1. Haruka Kanata is a good song and Bleach had good themes in general. Some of my favorite anime themes I enjoy would be the first two openings of Hikaru no Go, Through the Night from Outlaw Star, Free Bird from Haibane Renmei, Guardian Angel from Texhnolyze, and Duvet from Serial Experiments Lain to name a few.

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    1. Just checked it out, it’s quite an emotional opening. And yeah it’s hard to track them down sometimes 😦 They (anime creators) should consider selling the soundtracks or something cuz clearly we love them lol

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