The Struggle of Youth

I am re reading Fruits Basket, one of my favourite manga’s, and a lesson struck me.

So Shigure and Hatsuharu are talking about youth. Shigure likens youth to someone drowning and fiercely trying to survive by battling the waves. However, Shigure says, if they’d just stop struggling they’d realised that they can float naturally. Shigure is in his late twenties by the way and established in his life. Hatsuharu, in his late teens, says that sometimes one has to struggle until there is no more fight left in you before you realise that you can float naturally.  Hatsuharu says that that struggle is necessary when you’re in your adolescence.

When I read this as a teenager I got it but I didn’t understand it. Now that I’m in my twenties I understand. I mean I’m not established like Shigure (ironically we’re both writers) but the twenties are different from the teens. When I was going through adolescence I battled against many waves, like: bullying, cliques, girl drama, boy drama, parental drama, school work and feeling trapped in my age.

But now looking back I’m like, why was I so worried? Why did I think it was so hard? Things that wouldn’t affect me now really affected me then. When I look back it’s kind of silly. But like Hatsuharu said, sometimes you have to battle through the waves until you have no strength to see that hey, you can float.

Fruits Basket is so deep. I feel like you have to read it at least three times to get all the themes.

Anyway after Hatsuharu said that Shigure was like, then keep on fighting, keep fighting and bring about a better change.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

Feel free to comment below 😀

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