Why I Love Spring


Winter is almost over and my almost favourite season is coming up, spring!

I have grown to love spring especially after last year.

Spring is a season of rebirth. The gloom gets chased away and the sky is clear again (especially if you live in England). The flowers start to pop up and it’s like the world of nature comes back to life.

Last year it felt like it wasn’t just nature that was coming back to life but me also. I would watch as flowers and leaves budded. It was fascinating, I noticed things I hadn’t noticed before. It was so beautiful to watch life bloom around me amongst the urban jungle.

It also symbolised that winter was over. The dark time was over. The eternal grey was finally leaving.

When winter came back again, later that year, the hope of spring remained with me. As surely as winter comes, so does spring to chase away the cold. So in a way spring represents hope.

Hope springs eternal aha 😀

So really how can I not love the season?



Ps: no offence to anyone who loves winter.

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