Give me the Bible – Hymn Lessons

This is a standard hymn amongst most Christians. The Bible is something we live by and study and so singing a song about being given the Bible makes sense.

But the other day I was singing it at a church service and the lyrics really stuck out to me. You can sing a song over and over again but one day it will just hit you, the true depth and meaning behind it I mean.

The first verse shows how the Bible can be a light, how it can cheer and guide those who are lost. In times of trouble it is the shelter that people seek.

Give me the Bible,
star of gladness gleaming,
To cheer the wanderer
lone and tempest tossed,
No storm can hide that
peaceful radiance beaming
Since Jesus came
to seek and save the lost.

The second verse is about comfort. The Bible can comfort you. People talk about how scary the Bible is but people rarely talk about the many verses that comfort and heal. The second verse also speaks of hope for Jesus’ return.

Give me the Bible
when my heart is broken,
When sin and grief have
filled my soul with fear,
Give me the precious
words by Jesus spoken,
Hold up faith’s lamp
to show my Savior near.

The third verse speaks of the law and how the Bible teaches us lessons but also about how it’s a light guiding our steps in a dark world.

Give me the Bible,
all my steps enlighten,
Teach me the danger
of these realms below,
That lamp of safety,
o’er the gloom shall brighten,
That light alone
the path of peace can show.

And the chorus ties all these messages together!

Give me the Bible–
holy message shining,
Thy light shall guide me
in the narrow way.
Precept and promise,
law and love combining,
‘Til night shall vanish
in eternal day.

So there you have it, sometimes the simplest hymns can teach you the biggest lessons. Pay attention whilst you sing and you may be surprised. Sometimes we can get carried away with the music or we’re so used to singing a song we just sing it without thinking. So take the time to think, listen and to ponder on the meaning of the lyrics and you’ll be surprised at the many lessons and messages of hope within.

Until next time,

Happy Sabbath!

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