Hello My Twenties a.k.a. Age of Youth

This review does contain spoilers.

 Okay so I watched season one on Netflix and I skimmed through season two.

My expectations going into this Kdrama were that it was going to be a slice of life drama about young people in their twenties that I could relate to.

It was about young women in their twenties and there were parts that were relatable.

For instance Jin Myung, I don’t have her exact situation but having trouble with money is something my student self and myself now can relate to. I can also relate to having a crappy boss, and working in a restaurant environment. When you work in catering the kind of boss you’ll get can really be a hit or a miss. It can either be the chef or the manager who causes you trouble or if you’re unlucky both. In Jin Myung’s case it was just the manager but boy! Did he cause so much trouble that at one point I was like, “Girl quit! You can get another job with your CV and experience”.

I liked the romance that she had the most as well. It was a little frustrating because she couldn’t be with him but I understood why. Can you believe we only got one kiss and that he’s barely in season two? *wipes a tear* so sad.

Side bar: I liked that she was the one to kiss him and he did the surprised-open-eye-kiss-face thing instead of her.

But their chemistry, how he took care of her and was patient, I loved it all.

Jin Myung also had the most heart breaking moments that I could relate to. I felt her pain when she cried, it really hit home. The two moments that got to me the most was when she cried at the restaurant and he held her, and when she cried at home because of her “nail”.

Eun Jae was the first one we met. I liked that she eventually stood up for herself and found her voice. And that was as much as I liked her. Her college experience was realistic given that she was shy and that it was all new to her. I could understand that. I know people who really struggled being away from home for the first time and adjusting to the new environment and the people.

Ye Eun was realistic when she was going through the troubles of having a boyfriend who’s a bit of a FB. I was rooting for her to break up with him. Normally I ship couples but in season one I was sitting there chanting, “Break up!” He was just horrible! (Season two who they pair her with is much better!)

Yi Na I did not relate to at all but she was an original character. I have not met a character like her, doing her job, yet in a Kdrama. So I enjoyed her storyline and how she developed. She was interesting, strong and yet unsure of herself. She wasn’t really living her life but just surviving, so I was happy when she finally let go of the past and started to live. Her trauma was the only one I did not find melodramatic.

I didn’t understand why the kid’s dad would try to kill her (how does that bring your daughter back?) and how she escaped when he was trying to run her over. I would have also liked her to get with her friend but alas that did not happen. Overall she was the most satisfying character who had an original storyline.

That’s what I liked about the drama.

I did not like, however, the fact that it was so dramatic and how each character had some traumatic past and future. It pissed me off; I guess I just don’t enjoy those kinds of dramas.

It took away from actual college experiences and experiences in their twenties. I don’t know about you but my college experience wasn’t filled with kidnappings, euthanasia and sinister insurance fraud.

It reminded me of One Tree Hill. Whilst I love One Tree Hill, you’ve got to admit it got a little extra at one point. Or Grey’s Anatomy, the amount of tragedies they go through is unreal and it takes away from the real life element they’re trying to create.

Season two was better in the sense that there was one tragedy and one trauma that was developed and progressed nicely and got a nice conclusion.

I mean the insurance fraud one. What was he going to do kill every member of his family? Did he think no one would find out? What would he do after they were all dead? He’d have money but no family? He killed his grandmother, son and was going to kill his wife. He’d only have Eun Jae if she hadn’t swapped the bottles. What kind of twisted … I digress.

And the kidnapping, I get it the guy was unhinged, I just wasn’t convinced. It was a bit much.

I did mention that I skimmed through season two. It was okay. I enjoyed the new character’s storylines. Her friend was mighty clingy and it was sad that their friendship ended the way it did. They didn’t even talk about it, she just confessed and that was it, their friendship was over. She should’ve taken her love interest’s advice from the beginning and talked to her friend even if she was sensitive. I also enjoyed her romantic storyline. Their height difference was cute and she was a tomboy, I don’t know, I enjoyed it all.

It was a bit weird that she moved in to the house just because of the letter. That reasoning seemed a bit thin.

Jin Myung’s storyline was interesting but I was sad that there was no Chef *sad face*. Ye Eun’s was interesting as well, it showed how she recovered from the kidnapping trauma. They also showed bullying within friendship groups. I so knew it was her friend who was bullying her. It’s sad but it does happen. So I liked that they tackled that subject matter. Eun Jae’s was boring. Did she even like that guy? In season one when asked why she likes him she says because he liked her. Is that a reason? I can’t.

Ji Won. I’ve already mentioned her storyline; hers was the trauma that was built up. I liked that they built it up from season one. They set it up nicely! It’s one of those storylines that really piss me off in the sense that I hate the fact that anyone has had to go through that. That teacher ruined a young girl’s life! That one event just ruined her life and changed Ji Won due to the trauma and yet he didn’t even remember? Or care? Or have remorse? I am so glad she didn’t apologise for confronting him and that it got taken to court. Justice!

Although apparently she dies in the future…

So that’s my take on the kdrama. Personally I will give it a 2.5 out of five. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t enjoy it.

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