SuJu is Back! Lo Siento

Super Junior is back and they’ve changed things up a bit. I was surprised when they announced they were having a comeback, I didn’t know we’d be getting another one so soon! And when the title was Lo Siento (I’m sorry) I wasn’t sure what to expect.

But when I saw the teaser! I knew I was going to like it. They actually sing in Spanish! And the featuring artist Leslie Grace… ooh she fit in like a fine glove. (That simile makes sense to me, strangely…)

So I’ve watched the music video by now and talking about just the music I enjoyed it. The feel is a little different from what I expected and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It still has that smooth Latin feel. I love Leslie Grace in it, her voice is very smooth and sweet, you can feel the words she’s singing and I like that. Our men did good too, I especially like Heenim’s part at the end, that is one smooth rap that fits the song well. I am impressed.

The song makes me want to dance salsa, or to just dance around my room. I even got it stuck in my head when I had just heard the teaser, it certainly is catchy.

The music video. It is colourful and they are in different locations, something I like to see from SME. It is sexy, like grown sexy. Super Junior have been grown men for a long time, some are in their mid thirties, but I feel like this is the first time we’ve had a grown and sexy music video involving women. Like did you see Eunhyuk’s scene?! Dang! I was sitting there watching like, ooooh … ooooh! lol I’m glad. Also there are some moments that make me laugh even though I don’t think that is their intention. Like Shindong with his eyebrow, he highkey made me chuckle.

The  dance, I haven’t seen the full dance yet but from what I’ve seen in the MV I like it. It’s smooth but still very SuJu. I especially like the bits where Eunhyuk or Leeteuk dance with a female partner. I wonder if they’ll do that in the live version… Anyway, the dance doesn’t take away from the song but adds to it, and that’s a win in my book.

The lyrics, it’s basically about sexy times and spending time with the women they like from what I’ve gathered. Talking about kisses and dancing all night… “dancing”… yes…. “let’s take our time”…. yes.  And Eunhyuk’s rap is something. But the trouble or conflict in the song is that she doesn’t want it a long term thing and so she says sorry? Or that’s why they’re both saying sorry because they’re both only looking for a hook up and are attracted to each other. I’m not a 100% sure but that’s what I got from the translations. Tell me what you think.

So that’s what I think of the song. If you haven’t already feel free to check it out. Super Junior is continuing to grow, to mature and to add to their sound and I’m glad for that. If they keep it up they can last as Shinhwa has lasted.

Also I’m glad they’re not so innocent anymore. After a certain point kpop artists should be allowed to be as grown and sexy as they clearly are in real life.

Ps: On another note when is Sungmin coming back? I know why Kangin isn’t there and I get it but Sungmin? Yeah they’re mad but they’ll get over it! Come back! That was one thing I missed in the music video. It’s so strange, normally seven members is more than enough for a group but I’m so used to a full SuJu that it feels kind of empty. Am I the only one?

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