Straight Up Gem: Mamamoo – Starry Night

This song is my vibe.

I like songs that are hard hitting or that just hit me vocally. Mamamoo always deliver on the vocals. They get me hyped and it’s almost like they’re all belters. They have this distinct style that’s very recognisable.

However with this comeback they changed up their formula and I was a bit worried as it can either be a hit or a miss. I wasn’t sure I’d like it as I’m very picky with my slow and melancholy songs.

Then I finally listened to the song and I really like it! I didn’t have to worry.

I like the beat; it’s a soft beat that’s not over powering. The melody of the guitar over it is catchy but it’s not too much. It’s subtle and sweet but still recognisable.

Their vocals, as always, deliver. It’s just so smooth and relaxing, listening to the song calms me down without having to do much. It’s simple and it’s that simplicity that works. A song doesn’t need to be complicated to work and that’s what Starry Night shows. Moonbyul’s rap blends perfectly with the song which isn’t always a given as with some songs the rap can take you out of the mood the singers created. However Moonbyul managed to slip in and out without causing a commotion.

The music video is beautiful. I read comments talking about the cinematography and they’re so right to praise it. It’s visually beautiful and captured perfectly the mood of the song. Nothing feels out of place or over the top. The colour, New Zealand and that bit where they show a vivid starry night at the precise moment they sing “Starry Night” is so well done!

As they’re a kpop group I have to talk about the dance. I like that it’s chill but they still hit those moves. It’s smooth but still a little upbeat to fit the beat and melody.

All in all, I instantly liked this song upon sitting down and listening to it. Here’s a link to the song if you want to listen to it for yourself.

That’s all until next time,

Hasta Luego!

Ps: if you want to check out the lyrics click cc on the video and the subtitles will appear.

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