Grease is the Word: Favourite Moments

So recently there was a Grease anniversary and they’ve been showing it in cinemas. I think it was the 40th anniversary, right?

I was going to write a post last week but alas I forgot.

For those who don’t know, I LOVE Grease. It is one of my favourite movies. So when I heard about the anniversary on The View and how people were celebrating, going to watch it dressed up, I was like “Yes!”

I’m not saying I would dress up … actually I would. I’d probably dress as Rizzo or Frenchy, they were my favourite female characters. My favourite male characters were Kenickie and Danny. I loved Kenickie’s smile.

Man now I want to watch it (I’ll watch it tomorrow). Anyway, in this post I shall be talking about my top 10 moments in the movie. Let’s see how many of them are when they’re singing.

Moment 1:

When Frenchy invited Sandy to her sleepover. I felt that that was a nice gesture. It got Sandy introduced to the girls and gave her a chance to make friends with them. She also invited her to help her forget about how sad she was about Danny and how he’d changed. Frenchy’s heart was in the right place in inviting her. It’s a shame the other girls weren’t as welcoming.

Moment 2:

I liked when Danny turned jock for Sandy. She really shook him. She shook him to the point that he tried to play sports. Not only was it humourous but it showed that he was willing to embarrass himself for her. He truly cared and wanted to make right his mistake.

Moment 3:

When Danny and Kenickie hugged. That was a top bro moment. They had such a good bromance. Kenickie could tell that Danny was hung up on Sandy and he was always there for him. When they hugged it was a vulnerable and beautiful moment in their friendship and I’m glad they added it.

Moment 4:

Frenchy and her uncertainty about her future. As a 20 something I appreciate that scene more now. It shows me that there are other people out there who struggle, who go for something and fail. It’s good to show that people fail because you can then show how they get back up and overcome their failure.

Moment 5:

When Eugene landed a solid hit on Coach Calhoun. That was such a beaut moment for nerds everywhere. Even though he then got a pie in the face I’m still proud of Eugene. Don’t let them steal your joy!

Moment 6:

When Rizzo and Kenickie got back together. I know Danny and Sandy were the main couple but I loved Rizzo and Kenickie just a bit more. I wasn’t expecting them to get together and for it to be genuine. I don’t think Rizzo expected to be genuine either but when it was, oh the beauty! I’m glad she finally let him in to her heart. I feel like he was the right man for her.

Although young people of age learn from them, never use an old condom.

Moment 7:

The School Dance competition. I loved that whole arc. The dancing was so cool, the music was banging and it was funny. The funny moments include Danny singing to Sandy and being silly and then getting caught, the Blue Moon incident and the teachers… they were interesting. Although that presenter dude was creepy.

Moment 8:

When they graduate and the whole fair scene. I loved the songs and I loved that they all graduated. It was touch and go there for a while. I don’t push people to do Higher Education like University because as long as you graduate school you’ll be golden. I was proud of them, those fictional characters.

Moment 9:

The race at thunder road. I can’t really keep it out. It was a good moment, they finally beat those dudes, they were annoying.

I liked most of the car scenes to be honest. I like cars and I’d like to know more about them, so I found thunder road race fun and I loved the song Grease Lightning.

Moment 10:

When Danny and Sandy both try to meet each other half way and change for each other. People forget that Danny was willing to give up his bad boy and gang life for Sandy.

Although Sandy did go further, my girl took up smoking. That was a bit much but otherwise I liked how they were willing to meet each other.

I personally think that they weren’t the problem, it was the people around them. It was like a 50’s High School Musical. Danny and Sandy were breaking the status quo. I also think that they needed to sit down and talk to each other about what they wanted and what they felt and all that. But they were young so I’ll cut them some slack. I know they looked older but they were supposed to be 17-18.


Wow, I managed to list moments without making them all about the songs! I’m proud of myself *pats own back*. What are your favourite Grease moments?


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