Music Corner: Hyolin – Dally ft. Gray

You better stop, You better stop… 

This song is sexy! I don’t think I need to tell you that but wow it is. It’s sexy in a very Hyolin way. The way she sings is smooth and sultry and that’s how the video feels. Sometimes when a song is sexy I feel like the dancing is not as good but with this song the dance was really good and matched up to the song. It’s not a dance you can just jump into and do. It looks easy but it’s not.

Plus I am forever amazed at the things they can do in heels!

So the music video. I enjoyed it. I follow Hyolin on Instagram and she’d been dropping hints for a while about her new song and so I’d been waiting for the music video. When I saw the mv I was like yes! They got it good! It was more of a dance centred mv rather than a story centred mv and I’m okay with that. They hit the moves good and everyone was up to standard, Hyolin and the dancers Aliya Janell, Aryan Davenport and Scarlet Aviram. It’s hard to do some moves and to hit some transitions and still look sexy but they managed it.

I liked the different locations of the dancing and also the different formations and pairings. I like that Aliya Janell had her time to dance by herself and if you didn’t know she is the choreographer.

The song

The song like I said is smooth and sultry. I like Hyolin’s voice so I rarely dislike her songs. Sometimes I just need a sexy song and Hyolin delivered on that. Her voice also matches well with Gray’s. He is also effortless in his singing and so his parts fitted seemlessly with the rest of the song.

The lyrics. I did wonder what they’d be about with her singing: “You better stop” and it’s about a breakup. Gray’s verses seem to reply to what she’s saying. They both feel it’s the end of the relationship and there’s no way to go back to the way things were. It’s like they’ve fallen out of love, neither did anything awful but it’s the end. It’s a simple meaning to the song. I wonder what it would have been like if they’d gone for a story mv.

That is all I have to say about the song,

I like it, do you? What’s your favourite part?

I be on my way, you be on your way…

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