Everyone is not the same!

Spoilers Everywhere!

Now that I know more about the shinobi world there are certain things that bother me. For one thing it’s the way they test students. It’s very much like how we test people in real life. Einstein said: Everyone is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will think its whole life that it is stupid (paraphrasing, actual quote in the picture below). I believe that is true. We’re all tested the same as if we are all the same when we’re not. Everyone’s mind work differently.


How does this relate to Naruto? I feel you can see this most clearly when looking at Might Duy, Might Guy and Rock Lee. They really struggled in their village. Might Duy could not do ninjutsu or genjutsu and was forever a genin. Might Guy and Rock Lee also suffered because they could not do ninjutsu and genjutsu either. But the three of them were some of the hardest workers in the world of Naruto. The training they went through was phenomenal!

What ticked me off the most was that they never thought to change their system to accommodate different ninjas. It’s a good thing Might Duy was so positive because if he wasn’t he would have been crushed by the way he was treated. And what gets to me is that Might Duy discovered the eight gates and managed to defeat 2/3 of the seven ninja swordsmen of mist. So after he did that why did people not get a clue? How is it that they never discovered he could do that? Like why did Rock Lee still have to prove himself worthy? Did they brush what Might Duy did under the carpet?

I am so glad, however, that their story was told. It shows that there are multiple ways to succeed in this world. Just because people tell you no or the education system doesn’t support you that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it!

I am also glad that Might Guy kicked ass in the fourth shinobi war; he was the only one who gave Madara (other than Hashirama) a good fight. If Madara wasn’t on the regenerating hype Guy would have killed him.

Might Duy, Might Guy and Rock Lee prove what hard work can do and they show that everyone is different. To others they were handicapped but when you think about it because they mostly only did taijutsu they were able to unlock the gates.

They also show that one of the keys to success is a positive attitude. Guy didn’t just miraculously have a positive attitude; no Duy encouraged him and built him up every time he fell. Then Guy did the same thing for Lee. Positivity takes work but once you get to that place, it’s a good place to be.

4 thoughts on “Everyone is not the same!

  1. Good post. Rock Lee was WAY more interesting of a protagonist than Naruto ever was. He dramatically improved over time and his fights always got my attention because of his martial arts style and also wondering if he was actually going to win. What bothered me about Lee compared to the other ninjas in the context of the world was the potential implications that Lee’s lack of genjutsu and ninjutsu might be some low-key kind of ninja learning disability while those with bloodline abilities, prodigies, or having spirit animals/demons in them always get the crazy powers.

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    1. I never thought of that but that is true for Rock Lee, Might Guy and Might Duy, I was hoping for more characters like them down the road because they were so interesting. I’m forever glad Guy got shove it to Madara, proudest moment

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      1. Thanks, Gift. I do my best to look at things with a wider lens and people have accused me for over-analyzing even when I was right or at the very least having a legit point. Those characters were very interesting. Rock Lee should’ve been the main character even though they would have to change the name of the show. Haha! Yes, I’m aware they made a solo show, but I thought about something more serious.

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