Music Corner: Eric Nam

I finally checked out Eric’s comeback songs! It’s been a while since I’ve been on the Eric train. I mean I’ve been following him since time but with the last comeback I dropped the ball. This time though I caught the ball! Yes!

So the first song: Honestly

So he’s in a relationship that isn’t going well and he’s being selfish and holding on to the relationship. However in this song it’s like he’s contemplating if that’s the wrong thing to do and that he’s afraid of hurting her. He’s being honest with himself. Like Wheein’s song the lyrics stay true to the title. It isn’t one of those kpop songs that have the title called ‘carefree’ and yet the song is about bunnies (there is no kpop song out there like that, just an example).

It was a refreshing song actually. I enjoy it when songs explore other sides of relationships that aren’t normally covered.

Visually it’s beautiful. There are a lot of drone shots, open roads and sitting in pick up trucks. It’s simple but it works.

At the end, with the hot air balloon, does he set her free?

The second song is: Potion (ft Woodie Gochild)

Side bar: best rapper name or what?

I am not a drinker but I related to the sentiment of the song. I’m not in this situation right now or anything but I get it. He wants to wipe the memory of her from his mind and have a wild night. Naturally this also involves drinking.

I get that. Sometimes I sit there and think, “Man if I drank, I would be drinking right now.”

I also liked the music video. It’s colourful, has Eric letting lose and acting and an authentic Mexican style of dance at the end. I’m not sure what the dance is called, but I was reading this detailed comment on YouTube talking about the dancing and the clothes, it made me appreciate the music video more.

Also I’m glad they’re letting Eric dance naturally however he wants in both music videos. It makes him more relatable. Choreographed dances are cool but sometimes I just like to see people, artists, dance naturally, to just go with the flow. I enjoy it more sometimes.

Also this has all been my interpretations of the two songs. It’s cool how the songs relate to each other.

What did you think of them? If it’s not too hard to choose which one do you like better?

That’s it from me,

hasta luego!

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